Christmas Fest Financials show $45,000 net income

Christmas Story


The 2017 Christmas Festival had a net income of $45,000 with $200,000 in cash reserves, according to a financial statement released Feb. 14 by the Historic District Business Association (HDBA).



5 thoughts on “Christmas Fest Financials show $45,000 net income

  1. Christmas Festival is a scam and huge money maker,wrist bands food goes up,hotels raise prices.I think the Jazz Festival is a lot more fun then the Christmas Festival,When I was in HS you didn’t have to pay to get on the public riverbank and now you do.

  2. as much as this crazy city charges for the Festival, you would think they
    would make a killing ! I haven’t been since 86 and I will never go again and
    I tell people not to go .

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