St. Mary’s FBLA results


St. Mary’s had 70 students participate in FBLA’s District Conference at Northwestern State University Feb. 9.

Pictured above, in no particular order, are: Abby Williams, Abigail Wheat, Lexi Brossett, Faith Maxey, Ashton Behrendsen, Bailey McConnell, Brady Poche, Britney Turner, Brock Zeagler, Carissa Kautz, Caroline Bishop, Caroline Stokes, Chloe Cremeans, Chloe Longlois, Claire Guillet, David Thibodaux, Dylan Bennett, Emily Maggio, Erica Hubbs, Tate Nelson, George Ingrish, Graysen Bates, Hailey Seaman, Hannah Deranger, Izzy Peluso, Jack Wright, Jay Parker, Jensen Parker, Jessi Lucky, Aaron Howell, Katelyn Yopp, Kelsie Ward, Laura Aviles, Lauren Vienne, Maci Messenger, Macy Vascocu, Madeline Godfrey, Madison Lester, Maggie Gilmore, Makenzie Methvin, Maggie Wheat, Maria Bienvenu, Mary Grace Long, Mary Anna Scruggs, Matthew Nelson, Matthew Thibodaux, Meredith Matt, Michael Guillet, Noah Heard, Olivia Miller, Bailey Shelton, Peyton Green, Ragan Hale, Renea Cunningham, Ryan Sampite, Sara Loach, Katie Aldredge, Sarah Aviles, Sarah Gilmore, Sarah Stamey, Sean Grappe, Kale Eversull, Stephen Mayeux, Stephen Wheat, Thomas Howell, Walker Jackson, Wes Manuel, William Broadway, Zac White and Zoe Brock.


Six students received 1st place plaques and will advance to State Competition in Lafayette in March:
Jay Parker – Mr. FBLA and Current Events
Lexi Brossett – Computer Problem Solving
Zac White – Current Events
Matthew Thibodaux – Current Events
Jack Wright – Computer Applications
George Ingrish – Organizational Leadership

The following students received Superior Rating and will advance to compete in State FBLA in Lafayette in March: Renea Cunningham, Britney Turner, Thomas Howell, Makenzie Methvin, Caroline Stokes, Dylan Bennett, Brady Poche, Katie Aldredge, George Ingrish, Matthew Nelson, Laura Aviles, Hannah Deranger, Aaron Howell, William Broadway, Mary Grace Long, Michael Guillet, Noah Heard, Maggie Wheat, Jensen Parker, Maggie Gilmore, Madison Lester, Madeline Godfrey, Katelyn Yopp, Walker Jackson, Sarah Stamey, Stephen Wheat, Ryan Sampite, Claire Guillet, Sara Loach, Hailey Seaman, Caroline Stokes, Ashton Behrendsen, Sarah Aviles, Wes Manuel, Jeremy Friedel and David Thibodaux.

Students receiving Excellent rating include: Matthew Nelson, Ragan Hale, Emily Maggio, Bailey McConnell, Bailey Shelton, Lauren Vienne, Peyton Green, Zac White, Carissa Kautz, Caroline Bishop, Stephen Mayeux, Abigail Wheat, Makenzie Methvin, Sarah Gilmore, Erica Hubbs, Olivia Miller, Tate Nelson, Chloe Cremeans, Zoe Brock, Abby Williams, Graysen Bates, Sarah Stamey, Sean Grappe, Izzy Peluso and Meredith Matt.