Cane River Lake and Sibley Lake boat ramps Closed


Cane River Lake is currently at 99.0 MSL. Extreme Flood is 100.0 MSL. Pool Stage is 98.0 MSL.

Current Lake Status:

Cane River Lake is now Closed due to high water. Rain still in the forecast. It is extremely important that you monitor your property closely, check boats in boathouses frequently as you do not want them trapped causing property damage.

Making decisions should be based on information from the National Weather Service, Governmental Agencies, and your knowledge. Lake Levels will be available and posted as often as possible on the Commissions web site at Email Alerts will be sent as lake levels and/or conditions change. For information contact Betty Fuller @ 318-617-3235.

The boat ramps on Sibley Lake are also closed due to high water. A notification will be posted when the ramps reopen.