Once Again Sylvia Morrow Trial Moved To A New Date

By Edwin Crayton

The trial of Natchitoches Councilwoman Sylvia Morrow has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 13 at 9 am. This is the second time the trial date has been moved. Ms. Morrow is charged with theft of merchandise from the Walmart Super Center Store on Keyser in December.

Morrow appeared in City Court, the morning of February 27 at 9 am. There was a big crowd in the court due to a large number of cases. Each defendant and their team met privately with the Assistant D.A, Cloyd Benjamin and then went before the judge and entered a plea of either guilty, not guilty or sought an extension. Morrow has already pled not guilty and instead of a plea or even the scheduled trial, a new extended date was granted. The trial is naturally attracting attention because Ms. Morrow is currently a sitting member of the City Council.


10 thoughts on “Once Again Sylvia Morrow Trial Moved To A New Date

  1. “She was framed”…..that’s going to be the reason it gets thrown out of court….😂😂😂….or the bad bad citizens of Natchitoches don’t like poor Mrs. Morrow so they put stolen items on her!

  2. everyone in town should go steal something and we can take a poll,
    see how many get arrested and not have our court date post poned.LOL

  3. Why? Most of us would have to go to trial unless we had a very good reason. So my question is simple, WHY DOES HER TRIAL DATE CONTINUED TO BE CHANGED?

    • Hoping if it’s put off long enough it will go away. What’s sad she will get reelected again .Why I don’t know but she will be.

      • I certainly don’t understand when she pulls the stunts she does, and now arrested for shoplifting. I guess morals have changed and some just don’t care who is in office. She may lie, cheat, and steal and constantly cause trouble, but her constituents will still elect her when she runs for office again. If I remember correctly, there was recently an article about missing money and she was the treasurer. I personally want a person I can trust represent me in any elected position, but apparently some folks just don’t feel the same.

  4. Mrs.Marrow must be way smarter then local DA,or have some deep secrets on the police and mayor.I guarantee if this was average joe who commited said crime,he would be in jail or pay fine.
    Bravo ! Mrs.Sylvia

  5. must be the luckiest person around.i am sure the date was moved up this time
    and then it will magically swept under the table and she will be mayor.

  6. Why do we keep extending this? She will keep it up until it gets thrown out. Are they waiting on DNA,looking for a witness? What it’s a simple shoplifting case!

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