The LSMSA takes the Trophy at the 2018 SLAMT



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One of the area’s longest running, though not as well known, tournaments was held this weekend, March 2-3 as the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts hosted the 24th annual SLAMT (Schools in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas) competition. The SLAMT is an annual competition held between the LSMSA and its sister schools in nearby states. The event is held at a different school each year and a traveling trophy is kept by the winning school. This year was the LSMSA’s turn to host and 215 competitors battled it out in flag football, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, tennis, volleyball and chess. The school also hosted a dance and pep rally centered around the competition.

The LSMSA Eagles handily won the competition and the trophy will reside in Natchitoches for the next year – right where it belongs!


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  1. Actually, LSMSA has hosted the majority of the 24 years. Arkansas only hosted it a couple of times and Mississippi once.

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