Sylvia Morrow pleads “ nolo contendere”, gets fine and probation

By Edwin Crayton

Unless you are a lawyer, your first question is probably, what in the world is nolo contendere? According to The Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, this is what the word means. It’s Latin and the dictionary says: “A defendant’s pleading that does not admit guilt but subjects him or her to punishment as though a guilty plea had been entered, the determination of guilt remaining open in other proceedings.”

You being a bright reader get the idea of this whole thing, I’m sure, so here’s a brief recap of the trial which went pretty fast. To be clear, Councilwoman Morrow was charged with theft in an incident at Walmart on Keyser Avenue in December. At previous court appearances, she pled not guilty. But as you can see from the definition of her final plea, that changed significantly in the new trial.
Judge Fred Gahagan gave Morrow six month’s probation and a fine of $481 which is to be paid by June 26 or she must return to court again. Although it’s a suspended sentence, if the fine is not paid the penalty can be 60 days in jail. Morrow is also paying restitution of $78.13.  Assistant District Attorney Cloyd Benjamin served in the trial.


5 thoughts on “Sylvia Morrow pleads “ nolo contendere”, gets fine and probation

  1. …glad Councilwoman Morrow wasn’t incarcerated, her constituents and the City of Natchitoches really need her working hard for them.

  2. She has to pay $78.13 in restitution to whom? Walmart? And her fine is $481? Wonder what it was she felt she had to take without paying for…. If I have something in my cart I can’t pay for, I put it back. But now that I know I won’t go to jail if I just take it, maybe I’ll just help myself to a few things, like one of those big-screen TVs.

  3. i don’t know why she isn’t smiling more ,she just beat the law and got off easy.
    I think if that was any other person caught for stealing they would have got a bigger sentence or time in jail.I do appreciate the job the judge did and our

    • Hmmm, you say she beat the law and got off easy and then say you appreciate the judge and the DA. Can’t make up your mind, eh!

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