Big Daddy Yum Yum has big message for Natchitoches Youth: Boo the Bully

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As a student at LA Tech in 2004 Byron Wilcott, AKA “Big Daddy Yum Yum” was considering joining the Marine Corps, but he caught the wrestling bug instead. Wilcott’s earliest memories include watching wrestling on TV and being the biggest Sting fan as he grew up.

After saving up money and attending wrestling school, he moved to Florida and signed up with WWE. While there he studied wrestling under Dusty Rhodes, Billy Kidman, Norman Smiley, and Tom Prichard. After a neck injury, his contract wasn’t renewed.

“It was disheartening to go from the top down to local, independent shows, but I have no hard feelings. It gave me a life and experiences I wouldn’t have had otherwise,” said Wilcott.

Wilcott spent years working the wrestling circuit around the world from Germany, England and France, to Canada, Mexico and Tokyo.

Wilcott eventually decided to open his own business: Main Event Wrestling, partnering with his close friend Mark Vaughn, who previously ran his own wrestling company. Vaughn brought the equipment and Wilcott brought the experience of how to build and promote a show.

What brings Main Event Wrestling to Natchitoches? A teacher at the Frankie Ray Jackson Sr. Technical Center saw one of the company’s shows in Mansfield and asked if they would come to Natchitoches. While Wilcott is from Shreveport, he has family in Natchitoches, his aunt and uncle: Lily and Bill Sapp.

Main Event Wrestling will put on a show at the Natchitoches Junior High School Saturday, March 17. Doors open at 5 pm. Bell time is 6pm. Advance Ticket price: $10 or $15 at the door. Tickets are on sale at LP Vaughn, NJH and Frankie Ray Jackson Technical.

But it’s not all about the wrestling. Before the show, Wilcott, GM Aaron Presley, and fellow wrestler “Action Jackson” traveled to schools in the area with an Anti-Bullying Campaign: “Boo the Bully,” which builds confidence, teaches skills and makes an impact among the youth wherever the company puts on wrestling shows.

“We teach kids how to treat each other with respect,” said Wilcott, who’s been picked on and made fun of in the past, so he knows how it feels.

The group visited Provencal, NSU Middle Lab, Natchitoches Magnet, LP Vaughn, Marthaville, Natchitoches Jr. High, Weaver and Fairview Alpha.

3 thoughts on “Big Daddy Yum Yum has big message for Natchitoches Youth: Boo the Bully

  1. I think he’s going for the Gullah Gullah Island/Yo Gabba Gabba crowd. Gullah Gullah Island was a very popular show in my youth.

  2. Bullying is a horrible,horrible thing to happen to anyone.But so is that name
    Daddy Yum Yum ! message is an awesome one,but name sounds like a horrible porno name.

  3. Thanks, Mr. Wilcott, Mr. Presley, and Mr. “Action Jackson”, for visiting our students and speaking to them about bullying. It’s great to see positive male role models delivering this important message.

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