10 MILL Public Safety Hazard Tax RENEWAL

John Wynn, Fire Chief for the City Of Natchitoches.


The mission of the Natchitoches Fire Department is to protect and serve the community by providing, professional, caring, and safe services, which protect life and property through fire prevention, suppression, rescue and other specialized programs.

The Fire Department’s daily operations revolve around mitigating many emergencies from fire emergencies to emergency medical calls, hazardous materials responses, and any other incident where we may render aid or be of assistance. Last year the NFD responded to 2,196 total calls. We are at 450 in the middle of March.

We have a total of 45 members at our Fire Department which include 14 members between three shifts, and three administrative positions. We have three frontline fire engines, one reserve fire engine, one rescue truck, an aerial apparatus, and other specialized equipment to mitigate many types of emergencies. We keep this equipment in three stations:

Second Street
Martin Luther King
East Fifth

We also have a Training Facility at the Trade School on the Bypass.

As everyone knows we have a 10 MILL Public Safety Hazard Tax RENEWAL coming up on March 24, with early voting ending tomorrow, March 17, at 6 p.m.

It is with this 10 mill renewal that we fund:

Salary and Benefits for 13 Firefighters positions
Tools and Equipment
Purchase of Fire Apparatus
Inspections and Certifications for fire apparatus and equipment
Upkeep of buildings and grounds
Capital improvements
Fire, Rescue and EMS services
The Natchitoches Christmas Festival and many other events attract visitors to our community that we care for. We have Northwestern State University, A regional medical facility, three nursing homes, many apartment complexes and major industry that we serve and protect.

The NFD not only responds to emergencies but conducts inspections and makes pre-fire plans for all the businesses within the city limits of Natchitoches. We test our fire hose and flow fire hydrants per NFPA and PIAL requirements.

We respond to non-emergency calls as well as emergencies. This may include firehouse tours and classes, visits to schools, our smoke detector program in cooperation with the State Fire Marshal’s Office, or even just stopping to assist stranded motorists. We have a Fire Safety Trailer that we set up at events to teach children and adults about fire safety and bad weather along with some fire and smoke behavior. We teach proper use of fire extinguishers, and host CPR and first aid classes.

It’s critical that the Natchitoches Fire Department have the resources to maintain its current level of service and I’m asking you to help us by voting in favor of our Ten mill Public Safety Hazard Tax Renewal.