Natchitoches youth stands up to thank those rallying at “March for Our Lives”

March for Life

One Natchitoches youth’s Facebook Post quickly went viral. John Robert Dodd, 6.5-year-old student at Weaver Elementary was concerned after he came home from school one day. His school had just held a lock down drill. This in the wake of certain school shootings across the country, brought his parents, Diane and Cherie Dodd, to share with him what happened during the Florida school shooting last month.

“We try to keep him out away from political and news events,” said Diane. “However, it was extremely bothersome for him to think that he could lose friends in the same fashion should something arise at his school. We told him that the students of MSD and students around the nation and globe were participating in “March for Our Lives” rallies to stand up on behalf of those lives lost.”

Diane and Cherie felt John is a bit young to be involved in such huge gatherings, but instead opted for a safer environment. They helped him create a sign and share it on social media. The photo was taken in the middle of the street where they live in Natchitoches. His Mommy is a graphic designer and they thought it would be amazing to reproduce a ‘pretend’ march behind him of children of his peers.

John chose for his sign to be a “thank you” to the big kids for standing up for his future.

“While we believe in the Second Amendment, we also believe that we live in a time that requires gun reform on a federal level,” said Diane. “In order to see it happen, we must let our voices rise up in great numbers. We live in a small town, so this is our small way to stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands around the world in gratitude for their strength to stand up for the safety of John’s future, and the safety of children across the nation.”

John’s Facebook post was quickly shared by Pantsuit Nation, whose mission is to build a foundation for a more equitable and engaged democracy. Five-hundred comments later and John is his parents’ little superhero for his part in being a thoughtful young man who showed gratitude towards those who are brave in sharing their voice for gun reform.

“We are so proud of this upcoming generation,” said Diane. “It’s so inspiring to see their strength. Their passion. Their warmth. It’s horrible that they need to ‘think’ of this stuff but sadly it is the world we live in currently. Before John was born, we created his name. We thought it was very presidential sounding. Whether he makes his way to politics is yet to be seen, but he has an amazing heart. He wanted to march with the big kids so we helped him. We did not think Pantsuit Nation was going to actually like and use his photo. Natchitoches represented today.”

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  1. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro,Chavez, Hitler and every other totalitarian freedom and liberty hating leftist would be for repealing the Second Amendment….What part of unalienable is hard to understand.

    • I’m a gun owner and retired cop! I’m not lining up to turn in my guns. That’s for sure. My sons Facebook post was merely his attempt to say “thank you” to those who were marching for his future. Please don’t turn it into something it’s not!

    • There has been NO march to REMOVE the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd amendment was developed by our Forefathers to protect us. It’s part of the foundation of who we are. The Marchforourlives is a march for Gun REFORM and to honor ALL who are lost on a daily basis to gun violence. Our times are getting no better, no safer. It’s time to insure that current laws are enforced and where necessary, are amended to protect us even further from things our Forefathers, in fact, could not fathom in their time.

      It’s time to stop ‘blaming’ and being ‘angry’ that your possessions might be taken away. If you see a child pleading that ‘ALL GUNS BE TAKEN AWAY’, Understand they are VERY EMOTIONAL, they are scared. But for the most part… let’s try to look a little deeper and see the PASSION that most of them have vs the emotion. And maybe just maybe, let’s have some compassion FOR THEM. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE WITNESSED THEIR FRIENDS/MENTORS murdered right in front of them, in an environment they thought they were safe’ in.

  2. Sounds completely illegal (unconstitutional) to put an age restriction on the 2nd Amendment for adults. However, a Millennial Kingdom is inevitable. I think I was 21 when I bought my first gun…but was 17 in Army Basic Training. Repealing the 2nd Amendment is easily the stupidest idea forever.

    • We have a restriction on drinking alcohol. It used to be 18 nationwide. After many lessons, lost lives and the realization that 18 isn’t a magical age of knowledge, understanding and maturity … the laws were changed to the age of 21.

      A gun IS dangerous – in the wrong hands. It’s simply 3 years. And if an 18-21 yr old needs one, it should be because he/she has joined the military or law endowment where he/she is accountable for maturely handling his/her weapon.

    • And to clarify – the movement is NOT to remove the 2nd amendment but to insure laws are being enforced and reform is happening to insure that a more modern approach to gun laws is achieved.

      • I never mentioned a ‘movement’, nor do I believe one exists. And to clarify – nobody knows what reform means. The problem with this country is RESPECT, Mrs. Dodd. Respect for existing laws for one.

  3. My husband is ex-military, 25 years of service and most of it in military police, so he is very familiar with guns of all types. What I do know is that guns have been around a long time, and many of the boys and men drove around with long guns in the gun rack of their pickups. I read a comment above that citizens should not be allowed to possess weapons of war, and I agree with that. However, the weapons used in most of the horrid school shootings and all the other tragic events were not military weapons. Yes, some people are allowed to buy military type weapons, but those people are few and far between. There are a lot of things that must be done to purchase said weapons, and the one thing that keeps most people from purchasing these weapons is the cost, so before making statements about military weapons, check things out, it’s not military. The weapons that are used are semi-automatic, a gun that a lot of hunters use. They are made to look bad, nothing more.

    So what is my point here. Guns have been around a long time, and for a long time there were no problems, no mass shootings, no murders of school children. So what does that tell me? It’s not the guns, it’s society. True some are mental cases, but most of the people doing the shooting are social outcasts and it’s a real problem. We have heard over and over that guns don’t kill people, people do. We have laws in place already, but they are not followed. We just need to make sure that the laws are followed, and if not followed, swift and severe punishment. They knew that the last shooter had mental problems, he should not have even had guns. If he had been checked out properly, he would not have had guns, there would have not been shootings. He was the problem, not the guns, so please think twice; don’t make guns the issue, don’t take guns from the good guys. Good guys with guns saved the day at the concert massacre. More gun control is not the answer, enforcing the gun control is place would work to stop these shooters, and a lot more parents spending time with their children before they get to the stage they become killers. Parents need to be parents, not friends or buddies. Children need to be punished when they do something wrong, not have excuses made for them. We need to get society back on track, because I can tell you right now, it is really a mess.

  4. it is awesome that we teach our kids to stand up and speak out about
    right and wrong,but in this case they are fighting against our constituitinal
    right to bare arms to protect ourselves and our family from harm.I know it is a old cliché but guns don’t kill people,people kill people.
    I truly hope young people continue to fight for what they believe in.

  5. Diane eloquently speaks for many of us young, old, and in between of our concerns about gun violence. And what a wonderfully appropriate way to help a six year old share his feelings about his concerns about the world and his experiences in it. Two out of three of my grown sons were at the March in D.C. last weekend to make their opinions about gun violence known. My husband and I couldn’t be prouder of them!

    • Good for your sons, Chris! I remember them from soccer. Nice kids then too.
      I agree wholeheartedly. These young adults have a lot to say. Adults should listen. The March For Our Lives was a huge success worldwide.
      The US is the only nation with a gun problem like this. Canada limits magazines to only 5 or 10 shots. If you can’t hit your target with that many, maybe you shouldn’t possess a gun. I do not believe they allow their citizens to possess weapons of war. They are certainly not used for hunting anything but humans. I am not talking about rifles, pistols, etc. I am a proud gun owner and come from a long line of gun owners.
      Words from an old song… You gotta tell the children the truth. They don’t need a whole lotta lies. Cos one of these days they’ll be runnin’ things… And a lot of them will be voting in Nov!

    • Hi Ms Evans, thank you for your kind words and seeing this article for what it is. We are so proud of John Roberts desire to be grateful for the steps his peers are taking to keep he and his friends/teachers safe. He is only 6, and his little heart is filled with hope as should ALL of our littles. Our littles shouldn’t be worrying about ‘when the bad man’ will march in to their school, they should wonder when the next firefly will be out for them to run and chase.

      A special thank you.
      John Roberts Mommy

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