Cane River Lake: Rain Event


A significant rain event is in the forecast for the Natchitoches area mid week. The Cane River Waterway Commission asks residents to check property and secure loose items located on docks, piers, walkways, boathouses, etc. Additionally, make sure ropes used to secure boats are in good condition, as the lake historically can rise fast.

Current, March 26, pool stage level is 98.2 MSL. Flood Stage (lake closing) level is 99.0 MSL. Normal pool stage level is 98.0 MSL

Making decisions should be based on information from the National Weather Service, Governmental Agencies, and personal knowledge of property. For more information contact Betty Fuller at 318-617-3235.

One thought on “Cane River Lake: Rain Event

  1. this always seems like a SNL skit.The waters to high,no now the waters to low.Oh no its to high again,now its just right.LOL

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