City residents concerned over Parish roads too

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Mary Teekell reached out to the NPJ with concerns regarding a portion of Hicks Road and the removal of a fire hydrant in that area.

The problem Teekell and many of her neighbors face, as residents of Oak Point Estates, is that while they are annexed into the City of Natchitoches and pay City taxes, they must travel parish roads like Hicks Roads to get to their City streets.

The section of Hicks Road in question is about 150 yards where the potholes have been filled in with a grayish combination of bottom ash and winn rock. While this combination sets up hard, it’s caused the width of the road to increase as more material is added to combat the ever present pot hole problem.

As the road steadily got closer to a fire hydrant in the vicinity, it eventually became close enough that a motorist hit it Sunday, March 25. Workers came out and removed the hydrant Monday and will install a new hydrant in a new location within the same vicinity.

The NPJ spoke with Parish President Rick Nowlin and Mayor Lee Posey on Monday, March 26, and they confirmed that they’re trying to work something out to fix Hicks Road. It’s been in the planning stages for a while now, according to Nowlin and they’re just waiting on a sufficient stretch of good weather.


3 thoughts on “City residents concerned over Parish roads too

  1. How about putting that stuff ALL DOWN Robert LaCaze Road. Just got through putting new struts on my car AGAIN in less than a year.

  2. That’s what happens when you annex in a pick and choose fashion. They do that to get the tax dollars. Another reason the parish is short on funds,but the city is ok!!

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