Natchitoches Regional Medical Center ranks among Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals

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The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center announced that it ranked 49th nationally on the 2018 Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals list. NRMC received this distinction for its efforts centered around, Outcome, Quality, Safety and Resource Utilization based on its publicly reported data.

Only about 2% of all US hospitals earn 100 SafeCare Hospitals distinction. The top 50 hospitals represent the top 1% performance in the evidence-based metrics of HVBP, HACRP, and HRRP.

“We are pleased to have received this recognition that affirms our efforts towards zero patient harm,” said NRMC CEO Kirk Soileau. “I am extremely proud of our team here at NRMC! From processes, to protocols, to new services, communication, infection control and more, our associates are focused on our patients’ needs. They are consistently raising the bar, and in doing so, they are exemplifying what great healthcare is all about.”

12 thoughts on “Natchitoches Regional Medical Center ranks among Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals

  1. Wow I don’t live in the area, but I have family that does. I have to say I feel everyone has their own opinion on everything, but this is the closest hospital in the area it would be a shame if they didn’t treat their patience with care and respect. After going to classes to become Nurses and Doctors, isn’t that what you signed up for? Anyone can give someone a Aspirin and a Band-Aid, without running tests. I agree if you don’t like the service somewhere (Restaurant or Store) you just choose not to go back there again. But this is a hospital that everyone may need at some point. It’s a shame that someone who lives minutes away, felt the need to travel hours away to get treated. My opinion the head people in charge needs to read all these negative comments and make a change. Change routine, attitude, procedures on how to handle any situation that comes up. If someone calls and says they are doubled over in pain you don’t say “Oh no we can’t do a ultrasound for you because your not pregnant.” Just like working in retail “Customer is always right”. Take the patient in and treat that patient to the best of your ability, never say “No we can’t do that “All this negative talk about NRMC maybe those that feel its so bad should do something about it. Complain to the News, or the President of the hospital. This is a huge important part of the town and should be known as the best place people would go or take someone that needs treatment. NOT Heck no I’d drive miles to get treated. With that attitude what is going to happen when you (anyone) need treatment as soon as possible?! Driving in your own vehicle miles away with no treatment verses going to get help locally to NRMC. I live in a city, I had a family member that took medicine for a cold and found out was allergic to it, while throat was closing up and couldn’t breath, family members did the first thing that came to mind “Rush to the hospital” now instead of calling 911 for a paramedic to come and could have treated this person they chose to drive to nearest hospital.Which I’m sure made it there in less than 15 mins. Later on found out passage way was closing and we could have lost that loved one, and the hospital was minutes away, so to say drive all the way to Shreveport or Alexandria can be scary. I say try to improve the facility so there will no longer be Negative talk about this hospital. I have to admit a family member was brought there recently in the middle of the night and was treated with kindness and respect, stayed over night for observation and sent home the next day. No problem. Again everyone has their own opinion. I say this place received an AWARD for the top100 SafeCare Hospital for a reason. Good Job NRMC.

  2. The last time I went to the ER at NRMC was dur to a very high BP that was a side effect of a steroid injection. I didn’t see a doctor which was just fine with me, as there a couple o don’t care for at all, and with good reason, but that’s a completely different story. The day I went, I saw a Nurse Practitioner, and she was absolutely wonderful. She had several tests done, got the BP down quickly. I was there a while, but it was mostly waiting for test results. She was a very capable, caring indidual, and she got things quickly. She earned my gratitude and respect that day.

  3. They also have one of the top rated wound care departments in the country. They have hyperbarics available,so you have to go out of town every day for treatment.WELL DONE NRMC!

  4. Most people will never truly understand the merit behind this award. To live in a rural area, and have access to one of the safest hospitals in the UNITED STATES is incredible. They are evaluated alongside hospitals like MD Anderson and John Hopkins. I am grateful for the dedication and diligence the NRMC team put into winning this award. My heath care and that of my family is in good hands at NRMC.

  5. they used to have a reputation..if you go in alive you leave dead.I still wouldn’t
    go there I would make the drive north or south.

  6. I will NEVER go to NRMC again. I went several times for stomach pains, and all they did was give me Benadryl and send me home. They never once did a urine test or xray to see. They wouldn’t do an ultrasound at night, because “it’s for pregnant people only.” If they would have done the ultrasound as I requested, they would have found I had gallstones. I ended up going to Shreveport to WK Piermont, they performed the ultrasound as I requested and ended up having emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. I was in the hospital for a week with complications. If NRMC would have treated me and actually tested me, I might could have avoided unnecessary trips to the ER.

    • B, curious if you reported your complaints about your reported unpleasant experience to NRMC. If in fact everything happened as you say then there may have been a breakdown in processes that could be addressed and efforts could be made to correct this for future patients. I very very seriously doubt that if you reported abdominal pain that no testing was done and Benadryl was given, this doesn’t make a bit of sense. CT scans after hours are in fact done for numerous reasons that do not involve pregnant people. No facility is 100% perfect, if there are perceived problems with care, patients are encouraged to contact the facility to discuss their experience. If found to be a legitimate complaint this is considered an opportunity to make improvements. Patients have to keep in mind that a visit to the hospital is not a visit to the local burger joint and you can’t demand a #2 with no mayo. A primary care physician’s office might be a better place to request specific testing for what sounds like a chronic condition. If the ER would put up a list of real emergencies at the front door I would guess that approximately 80-90% of patients would realize that they might be at the wrong place and there are more appropriate facilities that might be able to care for you. I’ve seen NRMC staff save lives MANY times because of their timely observations, communication, and effective implementation when it was time to act. I’m proud of this facility and anyone there would want to know if someone wasn’t happy with their care so they could have the opportunity to see if they could have done anything better. Lastly I can’t imagine why someone would continually return to the same place “several” times if they consistently received poor care at that location. If my #2 kept coming with mayo I would find a new burger joint. js

      • When I state there was no testing done, I mean absolutely NONE. I went in screaming bloody murder, holding myself. I don’t complain often, but that was a pain I wouldn’t put it on anyone. I was asked for a urine sample. I brought it back to the room, put it on the counter and it was never picked up by anyone. I was screaming nonstop. No scans, urine, blood work.. Nothing. I hardly ever have any illnesses. Eventually they gave me 2 benadryl and sent me on my way. Pain kept getting worse the next few days. Problems breathing and hurt when I laid down. I met with my primary care physician on that monday and he scheduled the next earliest ultrasound test available which was Thursday. I thought I could wait unit then to find out something. Monday night I go to bed. I wake up in that extreme pain again and my boyfriend begged me to go back to the er. We called before hand to see if they could do the ultrasound that night (2am) since it was getting worse and I had one scheduled for Thursday. We were told “we do not do ultrasounds in the er unless you are pregnant.” He then proceeded to call WK Pieremont and asked the same question. They said that they could. At this point it was 3am and I was on the way to Shreveport. We had to pull over several times so I could throw up green bile and I kept passing in and out. Once we arrived, I was diagnosed within the hour of getting there. I was then scheduled for emergency surgery and had to have a stent put in. I was in the hospital for a week running fever, on oxygen. Worst week of my entire life. So, when I say I will never go to NRMC ever again… Thats a promise. I would also like to clarify that I’m not ignorant and COMPLETELY understand you can’t “order like its fast food.” If you were in my shoes, you wouldnt want the same pain and have no answers. No one even tried to find anything.

        Another reason why I will not go to NRMC. my best friend broke her finger completely requiring surgery. While in the ER, they tried calling to on call orthopedic surgeon, but was told not to bother because he was asleep. Him and his staff were later were reported as well as my situation.

        And your comment about why do I keep going back to the same “joint”… If you had 2 small children at home, and it was in the middle of the night, what would you do? Wake them up and drag them 60 miles to the next hospital or be a decent parent and have your significant other watch them while you go to the ER 2 streets over?!

        I know its not everyone, but it starts from the top.

  7. Just don’t try to go to the free health clinic….errr….I mean the Emergency Room…You are better off driving to Alex or Shreveport.

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