LA Extended Care Hospital and Natchitoches Regional Medical Center sponsor Bulletproof the Blue!

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We are proud to welcome Dr Bryan Picou, Senior MD, LA Extended Care Governing Board and John Rivoire, MSN, RN and the staff at Louisiana Extended Care Hospital as a Gold Sponsor of this experience!!


The Natchitoches Rotary Club encourages you to get your tickets now! Bulletproof the Blue, the acclaimed first person Law Enforcement experience is April 21st!!

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Josh Axsom, Rotary Committee Chairperson, says “Our sponsorship drive is going great!

The Bulletproof the Blue Rotary committee would also like to thank Kirk Soileau, Tom Matuschka and the entire staff of the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center for their support for Law Enforcement as a Gold Sponsor!

These are the final days of our sponsorship drive to get you and/or your business on our signs and event t-shirt. Support your local Law Enforcement through this event! Call me at 318-652-2225 ASAP for more details!!”