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Jaquarious Ardison


On Sunday, April 1 at approximately 5:00 p.m. Jaquarious Ardison came into the Natchitoches Police Department and turned himself in for his involvement of the homicide that occurred on March 31.

Jaquarious Ardison, 21, was charged with first degree murder and placed in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center.

12 thoughts on “Update: NPD Investigating Homicide – Shop Rite

  1. everyone is correct Matt you are a mean person,you should just wait until this killer goes to court and then judge .

  2. Matt, to begin “god” should be capitalized God or GOD…One is innocent until proven guilty,beyond a resonable doubt. In addition – you say ” you did the right thing young man by turning yourself in” , then it is followed by a “but”. Once a positive statement or an encouraging statement is followed by a “but” it completely negates the affirmative. To quote Jean Jacques Rousseau ” What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness”.

  3. If he is so innocent why did he run ? and if he is not innocent he deserves
    the harshest punishment allowed in La,why should I as a tax payer have to pay for a criminal to be locked up ? does the bible not say ” eye for an eye “

  4. I went to school with both of these young men it’s just sad to hear about what happened nobody deserves to die but at the same time if somebody’s is trying to kill me what else am I suppose to do other then to protect myself….. I pray for both family’s being that I know these young men….. these two men just made a big mistake I know they both didn’t want this to happen….. keep negative comments to yourself and just pray for these two family’s because you would want somebody to pray for you if you was in his shoes……

  5. Sorry but your “opinion” is not wanted or needed at this time Matt.. you have no right to speak on a situation you only know about through the media. Instead of praying to God with negativity pray that you are never put in a position to end someone’s life, pray for peace among the families of both men & peace of mind among him as well because you don’t know what he’s going through either & lastly for his rehabilitation and not just a conviction. Pray that God forgives him as God forgives you for your mistakes. Have a nice day Matt!

    As far as you young man. I pray for your peace of mind and family as well as Jamel’s family. A few seconds, minutes of acting and not thinking have changed both of you fellas lives forever. But God has this all in control. For everyone affected by this may God restore your strength & adjust your faith in him!

    Sincerely, Lyric White…❤️

  6. I Feel Likee This Noone Deserves To Die..But noone deserves to be threatened with death neither. Thats the problem with Natchitoches now. self defense laws doesn’t matter. And i dont need these two young men from head to toe. But clearly if you look at this child that was murdered last live video a couple hours before thee murder you can see they was ready for violence. So i wish bad on noone.!!!

  7. you did the right thing young man by turning yourself in,but I hope to god
    the judge throws the book at you.If you commit a murder better be ready to serve time,course it would be better if La executed people faster and not waste tax payer money on low life criminals.

    • All that not necessary, you have an opinion but people like you are ridiculous you don’t know the story behind it so you can’t just say he low life

    • Matt, I don’t know if you’re angry or MAD. But don’t you think there is wisdom in holding your tongue until all the facts and circumstances are known? The man is innocent until judged by a jury of his peers. People have a right to a defense, both on the street and in a court of law.

      • Matt is always angry and evil with his words. Matt is a constant writer to the Journal and never has a kind word or thought to offer. Too bad this crime took place and the offender will have to pay for his mistake and sin through the laws our civil society has created to ensure justice is carried out. People who have mean spirited evil thoughts need to turn to God for forgiveness and learn how to be tolerant.

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