Natchitoches gets a new brand

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The Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission (NHDDC) unveiled the new brand for the Natchitoches Branding and Communications Strategy Project April 5. This new brand will be incorporated into the City’s new website, collaborating organizations like the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and any other entities who wish to display a unified representation of the community.

The NHDDC’s Branding Committee has chosen the company for the redesign project for the website, which will be underway soon.

68 thoughts on “Natchitoches gets a new brand

  1. Seems that this is not a very good marketing company. The slogan makes no sense what so ever. Plus it makes our town look like it’s full of idiots!

  2. I think the tourist commission was doing a very good job selling Natchitoches. Seems this branding effort is competing with the commission.

  3. congrats ! to the PR firm who handled this,they seem like the smartest people out of all this nonsense.

  4. Very disappointing. I am shocked (maybe I shouldn’t be…) by this amateurish rebranding. How much did we taxpayers get hooked for this? I am not a native-Natchitoches-ite. Been here since 1981, but still considered an interloper! Natchitoches does have a lot going for it. It is a wonderful small town. Guess that’s one reason I am still here after 37 years. But, sometimes…and this is NOT aimed at anyone…it appears Natchitoches turns to the same folks over and over again, and gets the same lame results. I don’t want to hit this too hard, because in the big picture, it’s not all that important. Still, I would encourage the powers-that-be to reexamine this rebranding effort. Surely we can do better than this.

  5. “Historically Brighter” is a very broad statement, and is thus open to wide interpretation, as these comments show. It devalues the image the town is trying to portray by being ambiguous. As far as personal opinion, I am supposing the brander was trying to reference the Christmas lights, but even knowing that, the phrase gives me the impression of smug aloofness, instead of being warm and inviting. There are two existing catchphrases for the town that I think work far better. “City of Lights” works well in general, particularly for Christmas, while “A Destination Since 1714” speaks eloquently to both Natchitoches’ Christmas appeal, as well as its historical significance.
    Catchphrase aside, there’s a certain informality to the colors and font that doesn’t quite do the trick for me either.

  6. what is the going cost on enlarged fonts ? is this tax payers money or private
    fund ? why not just better the web site ?

    • Have you ever had a nice, thoughtful, positive, kind, or truly beneficial thing to say, or are you just a negative, angry, frustrated , loser by birth?

  7. My first impression of the words “historically brighter” was ‘hmmm, does that mean we think we smarter/better than other folks throughout our history’. I won’t venture to say what my secondary interpretation was. Needless to say, it might not be the best logo for our lovely city.

  8. Sorry, I don’t get it- the meaning is unclear ( as you can tell by all the comments ) and I find it totally “lackluster” – not eye catching at all!
    If it were a pamphlet or business card you’d be doomed to throwing them away because it would be totally overlooked. If it were used for signage it would disappear. Why, oh why, doesn’t Natchitoches use local talent ( NSU, perhaps?) for things like this?!? HOW much money did this cost us???

    “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” PLEASE!!!

  9. This is what happens when you bring consultants in……they tell you what you already know and charge a lot of money for their service that in the end, you could have come up with something just as good or maybe even better. There are some great people here in Natchitoches who understand this community a lot better than an outsider. As an old boss of mine told me one time when I suggested we bring in a consultant. “If I need a consultant to tell me what I already know; why did I hire you?” I never brought up the word consultant again!!! Lol

  10. Historically Brighter? Brighter than What? Many? Bunkie? Yes, I get that the brighter part probably refers to the lights, but the brand is a poor choice because it isn’t clear. It doesn’t immediately connect with its audience. I understand too that the intend audience is tourists, but you need local buy-in to promote the brand. No one is going to be able to explain this briefly and succinctly.

    Try again.

  11. A long time, born and raised, Natchitoches resident….now former resident…said it best: this city tries to market itself as a retirement community, a historic destination…heck, it’s ruled by young bucks in pick-up trucks. Police are either afraid of or in cahoots with the law-breakers in those big trucks who drive down Keyser Ave like it’s a demolition derby. Not to mention the ILLEGAL loud pipes.

    • well put.I grew up here and left for quite a while,i came back and nothing has changed how can you bring retired or new people in with no economy or no place to live.The city spends 24/7 on some stupid festival in December and
      front street.

  12. I’m very disappointed in this effort. There are so many great things to say about Natchitoches. How does “brighter” apply to the city and what does it mean?

  13. I like the logo. I like the Riverfront. I like it all. Rest assured, G-d is watching over this placée. 🙂

  14. My opinion, for what is’s worth…I just can’t see how this captures the spirit of our city. And what does “Historically Brighter” mean, anyway?

  15. Scrap it! If we who were raised and live in Natchitoches don’t get the meaning, HOW can we expect tourists to?! 😟 Plus, I think the font is too “modern” to represent the historical nature and feel of our beautiful city. (Is the “old” logo what’s on the entrance signs to the city? If so, I LOVE that one!)

  16. why go to an outside contractor to “brand ” our city,why wouldn’t you let somebody from this city help sale the city ?

  17. In local nomenclature, being “bright” means light-skinned. Seriously. Before someone put together an ad campaign for a small town, you’d think they’d check for things like this.

    • Sorry, I am not in agreement with you on what being bright means. When teachers say a child is bright, they certainly don’t mean that the child is light-skinned, they mean that the child is intelligent, or smart. As I said, please don’t try to make this about race, when while we don’t know exactly what they mean by this, it is certainly not racial. Why, Why, Why is this always thrown into the mix?

      • MEWHP, that is something you can not disagree with in general…people use that term just as mysticfool says…especially locally. One can be racialist without being racist. But thanks for your spiel definition anyway.

      • Because it is not about everywhere, it’s about Natchitoches, and if I may be so bold, I assume you are white, and therefore, your argument as to why it’s “always about race” is a sign of privilege. Many Natchitoches people would recognize the word “bright” has more than one meaning, and one of those is racial. Ignoring that is not a healthy response.

      • I love you mysticfool! Be careful, MEWHP will hunt you down on Facebook and say that you are trying to show off your “IQ” and insist that she hopes you have a good life because she insists you are a good person. She may also change her name to “ALONE IN MY BELIEFS I GUESS” to throw you off your A-game or maybe even something more devious. People should be simple, sensible, or both. If one is neither, than they should be ignored at all cost!

    • You want to know why no one checked.

      Take a good look at all the news story photos on NPJ. No diversity. I think I saw one brown face and that kid was in the background. Black parents, don’t expose your children to these type of educational settings. It is tantamount to neglect. Your kid may be pulling a 4.0 plus in that school. THEY will have to stand in the back of the press photos.

      But, I digress. “Historically Brighter” in my opinion, is not the slogan to promote Natchitoches.

      People have used half a page trying to explain the significance of the brand. If it were any good there would be no need. It falls flat. It’s vague. It is like walking through a fog. It is the work of amateurs, and that horrible lime green color is just a wink nod to the camoflauge mud rider subculture here. No honesty about that, we will try to say it is about something else.

      I understand. You paid a lot of money for this, people you thought were smart because they are locally prominent or wealthy voted for it. But, ight be a good idea to try another idea. This will cause people to ignore Natchitoches, not flock to it and spend their money.

  18. ” come visit historical Natchitoches ” drugs,bad roads,over priced festivals
    and occasional dead body in our river.

    • Come visit Natchitoches, where most Caucasians have decided they are $ative $mericans, but they will still be prejudiced against you if you are tan or darker. It matters not that your Native lineage is even stronger than theirs.

  19. Now it seems that to be historically correct here it has to be something that only blacks approve of; anything else offends them, so remove Uncle Jack, name a street for MLK plus a park, design a brand they approve of, eliminate Washington’s and Lincoln’s National Birthday holidays so we can celebrate a black birthday, on and on and on and on.

    • When you hear a member of a group who has historically dominated a region–kept the lion’s share if the access to money, education and the best jobs– making petty spiteful remarks about blacks…this is the clearest example of “privileged bigotry” I can point to.

  20. This money would have been better spent on the roads and streets in Natchitoches if this is the best they could come up with. Don’t think this will get much attention for Natchitoches.

    • That’s because it’s just verbal gobbledy-goo. Vague. What does “historically brighter” mean? No one I know talks like that.

      So city government found good money to pay a public relations firm for this immature slop while some parts of the city continue to look like an underdeveloped nation “because of the budget”

      Corrupt. All the goodies saved for a highly favored few. Makes the town look backward and weak.

  21. I don’t think we get a vote. Wish I could get a good view of the logo. I probably can somewhere.

    • I just wanted to say I wasn’t ‘dragging it forward’, hence ‘begs the question. The oldest store here is Jewish for Christ’s sake. I think a lot of input said ‘more lights’ and ‘more colors’…like mine. And so they brought out more ‘brighter’ which makes me feel like I’ve been had. lol I WANT PHYSICAL BRIGHTNESS, HUGE ELECTRIC BILL AND ALL! I don’t know about the font…looks very Ozarkian. That’s the wisdom of the crowd I suppose.

      • I’ve seen that font used in some tourism literature before. I see tourism commercials for southern cities in Mississippi, Texas and Alabama, and they manage to work a bit of progressive flavor in their pitch because they know that makes visiting the place moral appealing. Overemphasizing the historical is unflattering. I guess that tidbit slipped past the red hot PR firm brought in for the job. Brighter? As in laundry detergent? Smh.

  22. Good idea and effort, ending in a poor result. I’m sure NSU marketing and art students could have done better

    • The homeless sign would have been better. Since politics controls everything let the brand say, “WILL WORK FOR FOOD”!

  23. I don’t think this logo represents Natchitoches. It seems very generic and vague. The history of the city is tainted but Natchitoches is the oldest city in the state. The logo could read “300+ years and still growing” or “over 300 years of history and culture”. These would be more revelant than historically brighter.
    My thoughts

    • I agree with you M. Chelette. This is proof that the local government has to lined their relatives or friends pocket.

      Just remember at voting time who is in office and VOTE AGAINST those folks. We have a lot of history here and Natchitoches is the oldest city in the Louisiana Purchase and that is history.

  24. I’m not especially loving the new look or the font or anything else about the new brand. But, Concerned Citizen, Please !!! Does everything have to be about race. I think the stretch you just put on this is the most ridiculous reach ever. Get off the race band wagon, and realize that everything is NOT about race. Sometimes it’s just a city employee trying something new, that doesn’t really work, and they have wasted a whole of money on nothing! Just my thoughts on this change that doesn’t make the grade.

    • I think it’s because Natchitoches has been historically inept at times that she believes it is racist and I can only agree with her. The Knights of the White Camellia was started by St. Denis descendants, the elections or 1878 were rigged and its ramifications live on today, and that whole Good Darky statue thing. It’s not so much the ‘brighter’ or colors that are begging the question…its the ‘historically’ part. Historically, Natchitoches is the least brightest (and very dark) to put it straight (and narrow).

      • All city/town histories are tainted and have some not so proud moments in time. Let’s not dwell on the dark and negative so as to diminish the brighness. (Not forget negatives, but not drag them forward every chance you get, but to learn from them and move on.) We’re never going to progress by living and wallowing in the past.

      • “The Knights of the White Camellia was started by St. Denis descendants, the elections or 1878 were rigged and its ramifications live on today, and that whole Good Darky statue thing.” are the things that Mr. Wright mentions as being racist. Look at the dates mentioned, and we all know when the statue was removed. (The wording on that statue might not have been proper and what we would want to have read, but why not remove the plaque and leave the statue. I always looked at that old gentleman as a Southern gentleman, born and brought up to have good manners. That was and is my way of seeing it, and if you don’t agree fine, but back then, men doffed their hats when passing someone on the street.) We are working now toward better race relations, or at least we all should be, yet there is always a wrench thrown into the mix. Historically, Natchitoches is not the least brightest nor the most narrow minded, if that is what you meant. Maybe it is the way you view it, but why do you view it that way. There are those of us who would love to make this a town who knows it’s past, accepts it for what it was, the past, and we want to move on to a better here and now, and a future that is truly good. Who keeps us from that. People of all colors who don’t want to give up the discord. This started out as a discussion about a new logo, and quickly went to race. I will say that I don’t have racial issues, and I will be glad when the rest of the city and parish gets there too.

  25. Kudos to HDDC for leading this effort to bring a consistent vision and voice to efforts to promote Natchitoches! There are many groups and organizations in the Natchitoches area that do great work to tell our story to the world. This branding initiative creates the opportunity for all those folks to work from a common “play book”. In our current media landscape, with so many messages and outlets competing for our attention, the need for a consistent vision and voice is greater than ever. I’ll be glad to show off this logo at my place of business.

    • There was a consistent vision and branding initiative before this money was spent. Nothing new was implemented. I believe most of the opinions expressed here are for concern that it was money wasted.

      • Most people here aren’t from the Creole minority that the brand represents and protects.

      • I’d love to hear about how this plain blue and white sign both “represents and protects” Creole heritage.

      • The colors have nothing significant to Creoles and to believe such is a shallow way to understand my culture. Those appear to be River and Christmas colors. My grandmother says this…’back in the day we were brighter’. Because ‘nowadays’ Creole people are darker due to marriage patterns. This brand TEACHES that. It’s not showing, it’s teaching. There are tourist who come to town looking for Creoles and do not know what to look for and they need to be informed that all of the people here whatever color are the Creole from their history books. Additionally, it is a humorous way to take note of Creole Native American heritage…hence ‘brighter’. That is actually its main purpose. The Cane River Creole have been seeking for self-determination, and at least ethnic acknowledgement since before I was born. Natchitoches is our social capital just as Lafayette is the social capital of Cajuns and Acadiana. New Orleans would kidnap true Creole culture and it should be protected here. What a glorious idea that Democracy and Capitalism are to produce this brand. To talk down upon it, is to talk down upon my culture, democracy, and capitalism. It’s funny because it was democracy (by means of ethnocentrism) and the markets (by means of accumulative advantage, or something) that has been keeping the Creoleman down. Creole are an indigenous mixed-race people. Not all our indigenous, but I would go so far as to say most. And we deserve special status (in Natchitoches Parish and City) just as much as any historical native or agglomerated native TRIBE. I apologize if this is long…but such is our history.

      • And here I was thinking this was for the betterment of everyone. Thanks for the history lesson. I did learn a few things and I am appreciative for that. Although you lost me and I bet quite a significant number of posters here, with this little jewel, “And we deserve special status (in Natchitoches Parish and City)…”. Good luck to you.

  26. branding would be so easy..overated Christmas festival,front street is the citys baby,crappy roads and drugs.Put that on a poster and save money.

  27. Historically Brighter in terms of “black and white?” Hopefully not. But, when looking at the picture, those are the actual colors shown, with a little green. Then, look at the choice of words. If I am thinking correctly, historically has reference to past events. If brighter means vivid colors or lighter and the slogan was intended to represent the “Christmas Lights,” seems like various colors would have been included in the logo. Oh well, I am not sure what this message is trying to convey….. Somebody needs to go back to the drawing board. THIS IS NOT IT.

    • It has no style, no panache. It’s bland. Bold, passionate people settled Natchitoches. The sign communicates none of that. Looks like the posters the 4-H kids enter in the Parish Fair contests. I guess a committee member’s nephew or third cousin from out of town needed a paying gig, and they commissioned their services. Just ignore the local talent. Isn’t that the way business is done in Natchitoches?

  28. Y’all may think this is trivial but it will serve a
    Purpose. This will be the main website visitors or anyone else can go to see what’s going on or coming up in Natchitoches. As of now you have to check all different web sites to see what festival or activity is going on. I don’t understand the “brighter” either but it will serve a good purpose. Natchitoches is making good progress. It will attract people to spend their money which means they are paying taxes to help us out. Next time anyone gets frustrated because Natchitoches is a little crowded with visitors think of it this way, one tax paying visitor closer to fixing the roads and such.

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