2018 American College Dance Association South Conference Held at NSU & LSMSA



Kevin’s Gallery

Dance students from 24 colleges and the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (LSMSA) attended the 2018 American College Dance Association South Conference hosted by Northwestern State University April 7. The students came from as far away as Fullerton College in California to attend the conference.

The conferees took advantage of opportunities throughout the day to attend classes on specific areas of dance. Northwestern State’s Dance Instructor Rebecca Morgan taught a class in tap dancing. The full day of classes and networking concluded in a program featuring dance performances from several of the colleges and universities. NSU’s Dance Program presented “Windows + Doors.”

The LSMSA was the only high school participating in the conference. Two LSMSA students performed and presented their capstone projects. Junior Abigail Leblanc performed her piece interpreting Machiavelli’s classic, “The Prince”, a work assigned in several of her literature and history classes. Natchitoches’ own LSMSA Senior Edouard Ferrell presented “An Exploration of Movement and Composition.” Both students are members of the LSMSA’s Artist in Training program in which interested junior and senior students showing particular promise in the arts receive classes and training in addition to their school’s already rigorous demands.