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Members of the Natchitoches Central JROTC visited the Natchitoches Parish School Board at its Committee Meeting April 10. Cadet Battalion Commander c/LTC Aimsley Unbehagen supervises and provides guidance and direction for the Battalion Staff Officers, Company Commanders, and Battalion CSM in ensuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently.

In March the program received the JROTC Accreditation (JPA). The JPA School Visit is designed to assess the unit primarily in the areas of teaching and learning. This visit is comprised of accreditation criteria that includes Cadet participation and the assessment of the instructor portfolio.

The accreditation focuses mainly on two areas:

The Continuous Improvement Project

The Service Learning Project

The Battalion Staff Continuous Improvement Project is meant to guide where the Cadet Battalion goes, emphasizing what is important to Cadets. The NCHS JROTC’s Continuous Improvement Project this year is to recruit and maintain cadets. They will be able to determine the success of the project at the beginning of the next school year.

The Battalion Service Learning Project brings academics to life and is driven by student involvement. Together Cadets should identify essential needs in our school or community and then decide on our own projects. Reflecting on the experience will reveal the importance of service work and the impact it is making on others, including each Cadet. The NCHS JROTC’s Service Learning Project this year will be to visit Shriners Hospital in Shreveport May 4. The goal is to understand the challenges the children go through each day due to their conditions, and to have the children forget about those challenges and to able to have a good experience while the Cadets are there.

Overall the NCHS JROTC scored a 97 out of 100 on the JPA, keeping the program an Honor Unit with Distinction. Six hundred possible points can be earned throughout the year. The total score the NCHS JROTC received is a 597 which consists of:

JPA Score- 97

Cadet Performance Score- 100

Unit Report Score- 400

The School Board will meet Thursday, April 12 at 5 pm at the School Board Office to vote on agenda items:

Student transportation services- Director of Finances Richard Foshee recommended the Board choose to enter into a contract with Ecco Ride, who has agreed to provide at least 50 new busses with an average bus life no greater than 2 years, which is better than what they have now with Durham Bus Services. The annual estimated cost would be $3.49 million for a 3-year contract with an option to renew for 3 more years. This came in at less than Durham’s estimated costs, according to Foshee.
Mechanical and electrical upgrades at Lakeview and Fairview Alpha
Vinyl Floor Covering for various rooms at East Natchitoches, LP Vaughn and Weaver
Permission to exercise renewal option with Ralston Exterminating for 2018-19 fiscal year

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