St. Mary’s State FBLA results

FBLA state

St. Mary’s FBLA team traveled to Lafayette March 27 and competed in State FBLA with the following results:

Jay Parker 3rd place in Mr. FBL

Aaron Howell, David Thibodaux and Jeremy Friedel 3rd place in Sports and Entertainment Management

George Ingrish 2nd place in Organizational Leadership

Katelyn Yopp 6th place in Job Interview

Jensen Parker placed 7th in FBLA State in Introduction to FBLA

Aaron Howell 5th place in Insurance and Risk Management

Dylan Bennett 7th place in Computer Applications

St. Mary’s FBLA Current Events Team, Zachary White, Matthew Thibodaux and Jay Parker, placed 4th in the State

Students that competed, pictured on first row from left are Walker Jackson, Lexie Brossette, Katie Aldredge, Claire Guillet, Katelyn Yopp and Jensen Parker. On second row are Madeline Godfrey, Maggie Wheat, Renea Cunningham, Hannah Deranger, Sara Loach, Caroline Stokes, Sarah Stamey and Michael Guillet. On third row are Matthew Nelson, Jay Parker, Ryan Sampite, Jack Wright and Zachary White. On fourth row are David Thibodaux, Jeremy Friedel, Ashton Behrendsen, Matthew Thibodaux, Thomas Howell, George Ingrish and Wes Manuel.

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  1. Looks like 5 rows. Left out an entire row of student’s names. Don’t list any if you aren’t going to list all.

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