NHDDC seeks public input on Natchitoches logo redesign

The Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission’s Marketing Committee issued a press release at the NHDDC meeting April 18. The press release (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW) pertains to the April 5 unveiling of a new brand and logo as part of the City Re-Branding Initiative.

After receiving much feedback, the committee decided to start over with the logo and tagline “Historically Brighter.”

The committee is looking for a tagline that celebrates the positive future of Natchitoches and promotes local businesses, restaurants, accommodations and attractions. Public feedback is requested through May 18 by visiting www.CaneRiverNHA.org/Branding.

“We’re pumped about it,” said Van Erikson. “It’s been a fun process so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

Once the 30 day public input period is over and the redesign begins, the committee will look for further public input before they officially unveil it again. Their goal through this redesign is to get as much buy in as possible from the community and stakeholders, while also being as inclusive as possible.

“We now know we’ve got an informed and passionate citizen base in Natchitoches,” said Erikson. “I can’t wait for someone to have that golden nugget we’re looking for.”


HNDDC-Marketing Letter


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  1. A more elegant font. The style on signs at I-49 and University Parkway much better than new design. That style also implies motion.

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