Ponderings with Doug – April 20, 2018


Lucky the dog is no longer with us. We are sad.

Let me review his last couple of weeks. Lucky has eaten a pair of glasses, several pillows, two recliners and an iPad keyboard. Bad dog! We have talked about how we would manage this canine monster. He is so sweet when people are around and devious when we turn our backs. We made plans and purchases to confine him to a kennel when we were not at home. He would go on long walks in the morning and evenings. If those things didn’t work, we would try Canine Prozac. We have “trained” difficult dogs before and they became wonderful pets. Lucky was a challenge but we felt up to the challenge.

Friday night my bride and I were rushing back from Gibsland to Natchitoches. Our kids, who promised us grandson time on Saturday, changed their plans and decided to arrive in Natchitoches on Friday evening. It is not hospitable to have guests when you are not at home. We piled the dogs and stuff into the truck and left for Natchitoches. Since I can only get gas in Arcadia, I detoured to fill up.

Just south of Arcadia, nature called for another detour. I had failed to adequately recycle the last cup of coffee of the afternoon. I actually know where an outhouse is; just south of Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days. I jumped out of the truck and hastened to the outhouse. As I was reentering the truck, Lucky jumped out of the truck. He headed immediately into the grounds of Bonnie and Clyde. Bad dog!

Great! Now he’s become an escape artist. He knew I didn’t have time to chase a wayward dog. I called but he was “gone.”

We both shed tears on Friday night worrying about Lucky out in the storms. That poor bad dog! However there were vendors on the grounds and lots of campers there, so I told my bride that Lucky was street wise and he would find a place to stay dry for the evening. After all he broke into our house on his first night so he could sleep in a climate controlled atmosphere. How many dogs do you know who break in?

The kids brought the grandson and we forgot about Lucky for a while. On Saturday, rather than going to the riverbank and listening to the music, we went back to Arcadia to look for Lucky. I called and called. We walked around the Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days grounds. No Lucky!

I did talk to a couple I know who work there. I told them we had lost our dog. I described him. They said, “Yes, we have seen him. A vendor found him this morning chewing on a mattress in an RV.” Lucky, that bad dog, made it through the night!

We spent a couple of hours looking for him. We looked and asked! No Lucky.

Sunday we went back and looked again. Now that the vendors were departing we could look at the whole area. There was no Lucky. I swear I could hear him barking. The folks who live on the grounds have several dogs. They are breeders of Wolf Dogs. We drove by their kennels. No Lucky. I continued to hear a bark that sounded familiar! I suppose my brain was playing tricks with my ears. Wishful hearing.

My bride and I were upset because we really love that bad sweet dog.

Monday my bride called Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days and asked the folks who live on the property if they had seen the dog. The lady on the phone suddenly sounded sad. “We have him. He is such a sweet dog.”

On Monday night, Tamara went to visit them. They had a long conversation about Lucky, who has a new name. Lucky is now named Cruise. He loves to cruise in trucks and on four wheelers. He loves all the dogs he lives with. Lucky-Cruise lives in the back of 131 acres of land. He chases birds. He runs free during the day. Lucky-Cruise will go on a great vacation this summer to Utah in an RV. In just hours a couple fell in love with Lucky-Cruise. They would be sad to see him go.

Since he will be an outdoor dog for people who love dogs more than we do, gets to ride on four-wheelers and will go on a Utah vacation, we voted to let Lucky become Cruise.

We gave the doggy leash to this nice couple who fell in love with him, quickly. They were warned about his love of upholstery.
We found a starving, tick infested dog and fed and bathed him. We fixed him and got rid of all this maladies. He is healthy. Now he will be healthy and happy.

The story of Lucky-Cruise is the story of life. You never know what circumstances will come together to bring you joy and fulfillment. I miss Lucky very much! He was and is a sweet dog (bad dog!). I am satisfied that I did my part to help him land in a great home. Sometimes doing what is best is a tear-filled thing.

Enjoy your life, Cruise! We will miss you!

You are a sweet, great Bad Dog!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your “Lucky” story. Sometimes life is like that. God sends us someone to clean up, bring back to life, encourage, inspire and then let them go.

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