God’s Blessings Because of Bad Ward Roads

Mark Megason on deck

When I first started checking into the Home Rule Charter, I thought it was still the Police Jury. I heard stories about how money was being miss-used and extorted. Was it happening? I don’t know. Money makes the world go round and it sometimes spreads untrue facts. It is very possible that the Old Police Jury was doing the best job possible with available funds. I believe many old roads, lack of funds, and bad weather has caused our roads to deteriorate, not systems or people.

We are blaming people for pocketing or using road money on other projects, when it’s plain for me to see neither system can fix all our roads without adequate funds to do the job. If there is any blame, it might be with us tax payers. Tax payers have become Pro Home Rule or Pro Old Police Jury. Oh yes, don’t forget Pro No New Taxes. In this battle, the only winners will be the Bad Roads. We need to stop listening to unproven things we have been told. Which ever road system wins, our roads cannot be repaired without money. Let’s stop blaming people for no progress and address the real elephant in the room, lack of money. Let’s support the right tax with our Present Home Rule Charter. We must untie their hands if we want progress.

How much money are we talking about on a new road tax? Most likely a lot less than repairs are costing you now. Prevention always cost less than repairs, hospital bills or funerals. There is much more at stake than money and broken car parts.

Now about my blessings! My love ones are priceless. What about yours? The front end on my granddaughter’s new ford SUV broke as she drove into her front yard, instead of on I-49 at 75 miles per hour. Later, a new tire could have blown out because of a bent axle. Thankfully, we saw it in time. I assure you, warranty did not fix these problems. Should I be mad? No, just thankful to God there was no funeral or worse things that could have happened.

I don’t know what can work or not work in a tax plan, but before daylight I was talking to the Lord when this thought came to me. Is it possible for Natchitoches Parish to vote a gasoline and diesel tax for our road tax money? We are already at least ten cents per gallon cheaper than the city of Many on gas and diesel. This way everybody who burns fuel will be taxed equally and there will be immediate money for roads. A tax for roads only, that must be voted on every three years, for it to continue or be changed to another better way. I know to some people, their bank accounts are precious. Precious people to me, hugs back better than dollar bills.

I think it is time for Natchitoches Parish Folks to come together for lasting progress instead of a never ending battle of words. What about you? What is most precious to you?

Your friend in Jesus Christ,

Rev. Mark Megason
April 17, 2018

4 thoughts on “God’s Blessings Because of Bad Ward Roads

  1. One problem with Designated tax for anything–what ever money that was being used before should be known because the greedy politicians just stop that amount going into the designated fund–

  2. We did pass a tax last year. That has not done any good. In year’s past the roads were taken care of, but the people over the road money. The changes have been the roads went down!
    If the roads was keep up in the past, why can’t it still be done now. I’m sure they don’t pay the labor worker don’t get paid much more than state min. wage. I would like to get the state to do a aldent. But y’all want to have more road taxes. The people in the parish most of them live on SOCIAL SECURITY alone lase than $1,000.00 a month. More taxes would mean what to EAT or get there MEDICINES !

  3. I am in agreement with Mark, changing the form of government WILL NOT fix or build roads. Only money will do that. Changing the form of government will only produce 6 more people to add to the number to be disfuntional. While Mark’s fuel tax is a good idea, one of the council members has already proposed a plan to slice the Paris into 4 pieces of pie and if your piece votes for a road tax that money can only fix roads in your piece. If section votes no, your roads don’t get fixed. Everybody can share in paddling the canoe or help it sink.

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