Election Results – April 28, 2018; School Board Tax


Taxing District Election:

School District No. 9 — $19.75M Bond – SB – 20 Yrs.


TURNOUT: 12.70%

April 28, 2018
TOTAL      %
FOR 1,348 58.48%
AGAINST    957 41.52%
  • Early Vote:  YES 279/49.38%; NO 286/50.62%

14 thoughts on “Election Results – April 28, 2018; School Board Tax

  1. My husband and I both have trouble walking distances or standing for long periods, so we opted to have our voter ballots sent to us. I suppose since we didn’t receive one, we were not supposed to vote on this. I saw a listing of the areas listed that were voting on this, but why didn’t they show a map that included areas that should vote. That would have been so much better it seems to me and perhaps there might have been a few more people turn out to vote. There are new people who do move here occasionally, and they might find the information helpful. Just saying….

  2. don’t see how teachers or any school reps. should be able to vote on themselves–kinda like if ur on food stamps voting against urself is a no brainer–govt. has gotten so big that they can win elections by themselves–

    • Why should someone that doesn’t own property be able to vote to raise property tax on someone that does?

      • Great then if you think somebody should pay for something others don’t have to! I need a new boat and I fill confident I can have my payment booklet to you and you won’t mind paying that note

  3. I don’t agree that these elections should be on major election cycles. Elections are elections regardless of when they are scheduled. It is a registered voters RIGHT to vote…at least for now…until the left takes that away from us. EVERY registered voter should vote one way or the other or, if you don’t, don’t complain about the outcome. Most of our elections are determined by a small number of people and it’s a shame when people don’t exercise their right vote and then complain when someone is elected that they don’t like or when they now have to pay more taxes. If you’re not registered, go register and if you are registered please be sure to vote next election.

    • These tax elections are always planned by the liberals to be off-cycle so they can stuff the ballot box. Low turnouts are the norm (12%?) Teachers standing out there with signs saying “for the children”, lol! Didn’t Hitler say that, too?

  4. Want more turn out for this type of thing on the ballot? Require that they be on major election cycles. These small elections with one item on the ballot are mostly ignored, except by those that have something to gain by the item.

    • Yeah, right! Skinner and his inner circle are using some of the money to take a trip to Vegas, after all they deserve it. And the rest goes to renovating the executive and faculty restrooms and faculty/staff lounge.

      The children? Oh, y’all will have to pass another tax for that.

      • this is being used for upkeep on the buildings. You know, so there are adequate facilities rather than students who know they have to schooch their desk over when it starts raining because they sit under a leak, or know that the third toilet in this bathroom on the second floor is the one that actually flushes well. The buildings need upkeep. It is necessary.

        I realize there are many people who don’t like Skinner, but when was the last time you stepped into a parish school or talked to a teacher?

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