Rotarians learn about Natchitoches Youth Soccer

Rotary April 24


Natchitoches soccer was established in 1991 for children ages 5-18, according to Natchitoches Youth Soccer Director Rusty Stultz who spoke at the Rotary Club of Natchitoches meeting on April 24. Pictured from left are Rotary President David Zolzer, Stultz, and Rotarian with the program Gary Hatch.

2 thoughts on “Rotarians learn about Natchitoches Youth Soccer

  1. What i need to make clear is that my son started playing soccer at age 6 in 1985 in Natchitoches. I know Jim Kilcoyne coached at some point but not sure when he started. He made it fun for the kids.

  2. My son started playing soccer when he was 6, in 1985. He loved it. He continued to play in Houston, outdoor and indoor. A few years ago he had to finally give it up as his knee went out on him. He’s really missed it but has great memories of Natchitoches soccer.
    Parents, let your kids have fun. Winning isn’t everything.
    Kids have fun. Learn to work with your teammates. Mainly, play fair and have a great time!

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