The Landing’s evolution: New atmosphere and menu items

TheLanding 05-2018

Despite what you may have heard through the grapevine, Randy Ziegler assures Natchitoches resident and visitors alike, that The Landing Restaurant and Bar is still open.

Yes, they’re no longer serving lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but that doesn’t mean they’ve shut down.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Ziegler. “Come visit us for lunch Friday and Saturday, or in the evenings where we’re serving up the same great dinner you enjoy.”

Rumors of the restaurant’s closure began soon after a Dec. 29 fire damaged the building. Ziegler was duck hunting with a friend on Pecan Island when he got the call. The damage was minimal, but a string of bad weather slowed down the repairs.

Sitting at home going crazy, Ziegler realized this was the perfect opportunity to redesign The Landing and give it some more personality. His plan was to create four large booths facing the bar side of the restaurant to give the area a casual neighborhood feel.

“I want people to sit and stay for a while, to hang out and visit. It just feels like home,” he said. “Each booth has its own outlet with USB ports, which makes them the perfect place to plug in a computer, brainstorm with a cocktail, and get some work done.”

Ziegler contacted his friend Mark Lester and together they began building the tables for each booth, a new host stand, and new bathroom vanities in Ziegler’s garage. They stained the wood floors of each booth by hand.

“I wanted to be involved in the remodeling process because I take pride in my restaurant,” said Ziegler.

The down time during the remodel also allowed him time to get creative and add a few new items to the menu including:

Shrimp and Crab Lasagna

Boudin Stuffed Egg Rolls

Bam Bam Fried Oysters with a Sweet Chili Glaze

Meat Ball and Roast Beef PoBoys

Debris Fries with a Horseradish Mayo on top

“We’re not changing any of your favorites,” he said. “We’re not reinventing The Landing. It’s an evolution. We’re growing and maturing and giving the restaurant a stronger identity.”

6 thoughts on “The Landing’s evolution: New atmosphere and menu items

  1. I have been there four times in the last few years, each time hoping it gets better, it hasn’t. Many years ago this was a pretty good place to eat at, now it reminds me of a college bar in New Orleans. The food is bar (a nice bar, but still a bar) quality, atmosphere is gone, and the wait staff would rather be anywhere then here working. Sorry but this place needs to close and let a real restaurant open up in this location.

  2. How exciting. It’s like having a new restaurant in town .
    Randy has proven time and time again that he is dedicated to the city and to the food industry.
    Once again he doesn’t follow tradition and branches out to new things for the citizens of Natchitoches.
    The interior is a great improvement over the original, everyone should come in and try the new menu, we loved it.

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