Cane River Lake Closed



To keep the chemical in the target areas, limit dilution, and deployment preparations Cane River Lake will close Monday May 7, and remain closed until sunrise Saturday May 12 for a submergence chemical treatment.

Once the chemical is administrated, (some properties on Tuesday May 8 with the main area on Wednesday May 9) it’s recommended that irrigation from the Lake cease until Wednesday May 16. The chemical used is a herbicide and could damage the vegetation being irrigated.

NOTE: The Cane River Waterway Commission or Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will not be responsible for any damage incurred due to irrigation that occurs in contravention of this notice.

For more information contact Betty Fuller, 318-357-3007 office, 318-617-3235 cell.

One thought on “Cane River Lake Closed

  1. Farmers, and home owners, along the Cane River need a way to filter out the herbicide so they can continue to use the river for irrigation. Might not be a huge problem this time around, since it’s only a week, and it just rained and will probably rain again soon. But in the future farmers may not be so fortunate.

    Oh…but how much confidence will farmers, and home owners, have when given the green light? What if the water still has traces of the herbicide in it and farmers wipe out their crops?

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