School Board recognizes Teachers of the Year, approves adjustments to school attendance zones

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The Natchitoches parish School Board recognized those teacher nominated for Teacher of the Year in Natchitoches Parish at its meeting May 10.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to have these great, dedicated teachers in our system,” said Superintendent Dale Skinner.

An announcement was made that the school board will start providing copies of a balanced budget sheet to the public at its monthly meetings (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

In other business, two items, added to the agenda after Tuesday’s committee meeting, caused concern for Board Member Ralph Wilson. However, affirmative votes from the other board members passed both items, which will change student attendance for several schools.

Item #1: Approve students from Natchez area that have been attending Provencal Elementary and Jr. High (approximately 83 students) to begin attending Cloutierville Elementary and Jr. High for the 2018-2019 school year.

Item #2: Approve students who live in the following areas (Airport Road, Fairgrounds Road, South Town Community, Fish Hatchery Road and LA Hwy. 494) to enroll into the City schools.

Ralph Wilson asked that the approval of these items be put off until next month so the board members would have more time to discuss them. However, Skinner said they couldn’t wait until next month and it’s the best solution they’ve come up with at this time.

Other agenda items included:

Adopt other authorized millage rates and taxes for 2018

Take appropriate action on bids for HVAC and electrical upgrades to Goldonna Jr./Sr. High School

Add consolidated #6 bond renewal (7 mil) set to expire EOY 2019 and consolidated #7 (7 mil) set to expire EOY 2020 to the General Election ballot for Dec. 8

Update on Milo robot

Approve student handbook revisions for 2018-2019

Approve private automobile travel for NCHS cheerleaders to Greatwolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas for cheer camp for May 28-31

2018 Teachers of the Year:

Cloutierville Elementary- Lita Lemelle

Cloutierville Jr. High- Rodney Meziere

East Natchitoches- Erin Hollier

Fairview- Kati Dowden

Frankie Ray- Gwen Foy

Goldonna Elementary- Mallory Williams

Goldonna Jr. High- Annie Oliphant

Lakeview Jr. High- Tameshia Frederick

Lakeview High School- Brian Ross

Magnet- Codie Goings

Marthaville Jr. High- Vietta Hendrickson

Natchitoches Jr. High- Tameka Star

NSU E Lab- Emily Poche

NSU Middle Lab- Jennifer Hudson

Provencal Elementary- Vanessa Birdwell

Provencal Jr. High- Deanna Elkins

Weaver- Aly Erickson

Principal of the Year:

Bill Gordy

Support Persons of the Year:

Goldonna Elementary- Amy Clark

Natchitoches Jr. High- Shelia Helaire

LP Vaughn- Nebrenda Raymond

Linda Davidson

2 thoughts on “School Board recognizes Teachers of the Year, approves adjustments to school attendance zones

  1. Congratulations to those wonderful educators! Natchitoches parents should rejoice that our children are in such good hands when they walk into their classrooms.

  2. I understand the plan to allow city of Natchitoches students to remain in town for school, and moving Natchez students to attend Cloutierville school. The only question is “Why bus the Hwy 494 students who are also Natchez and South into Natchitoches???” Looking at the map of Natchitoches Parish, you are busing some who live south of Natchez into Natchitoches?? This one part of the plan should be re-addressed by the board!

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