Calvin W. Braxton, Sr. VS Louisiana State Troopers Association and Jay Oliphant


Braxton is seeking damages from the La. State Troopers Association (LSTA) and Jay Oliphant, a La. State Police Trooper.  Please see the entire document filed in the 10th Judicial District Court, Parish of Natchitoches, State of Louisiana.

Braxton also claims that the statements contained in defendant Jay D. Oliphant’s FACEBOOK post are false, defamatory and/or defamatory per se. That defendant Oliphant falsely accuses Braxton of committing various crimes.

READ THE FACEBOOK POST HERE – > Facebook Post by Jay D Oliphant

The NPJ spoke with Mr. Jay D. Oliphant this afternoon and Oliphant stated that he had no comment at the time.

The NPJ had not received a return phone call from Mr. Calvin W. Braxton, Sr. by the time of publication.



DPS&C Incident Report from Oliphant

July 11 2016 Letter to Governor Edwards

June 19 2017 Letter to Governor Edwards

February 2 2018 Public Records Request by Calvin Braxton

7 thoughts on “Calvin W. Braxton, Sr. VS Louisiana State Troopers Association and Jay Oliphant

    • The Good Book says if a person lives by the sword they will die by the sword and blessed are merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Anyone in position of authority who uses it to suppress the less powerful should be open to these truths.

  1. Plenty of some smoke on both sides of this little story. Those campaign contributions to JBE campaign are quite problematic and the LACE program was rife with fraud. You normally never here this kind of information, that is until someone who is in position to know feels slighted tries a little payback.

  2. All I know is I ALWAYS believe the guy that is removed from a state office by the Governor for lying, cheating, stealing, and being a lowlife scumbag….

  3. Hmm. Who you going to believe? A distinguished, high ranking State Trooper or a car salesman? That’s a tough one.

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