Can You Pass the Healthy Vision Test?


For most of us, we want to make sure that we are taking steps to better our lives and the lives of those we love. While some things are in our power, some are not. Take time in your life to make sure the things you can control that you are doing just that. Your eyesight is extremely important. It’s never too early to take inventory of how you’re doing when it comes to having your best vision.

Have you taken these steps to preserve your vision?

Eat a healthy diet
Get regular exercise
Refrain from smoking
Wear sunglasses when outdoors
Have a regular eye exam
Wear eye protection
Learn about your family health history
Remove contact lenses before sleeping

Louisiana Eye & Laser is here in Natchitoches to help you achieve your best vision. To schedule your regular eye exam, contact your Natchitoches Hometown Eye Care Team – Louisiana Eye & Laser. Drs. Cheryl Stoker and Brett Bennett along with Drs. Karren Laird Russo and Michael Redmond will be happy to manage your eye care needs.

Call 318-352-0444 to see how you can achieve better vision and keep those eyes healthy! Louisiana Eye & Laser is located in Natchitoches at the corner of Keyser Avenue and 1055 Parkway Drive (Suite B).

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