Lakeview’s Air Force JROTC conducts model rocket competition

rocket winners may 2018a


Lakeview’s Air Force JROTC (AFJROTC) recently conducted a week-long model rocket competition. Overall, 45 rockets were built and launched on May 15 as part of Major (Ret) Bob Kellogg’s Exploration of Space, AFJROTC class. The competition combined writing across the curriculum, science, and art to evaluate and recognize the participants. The students’ rockets were evaluated on the construction, launch, and recovery of the rockets. Also, students were tasked to select 1 of 13 educational, historical, or patriotic themes, write an explanation of their theme, and finally paint their rocket to compliment their theme. The top 5 rockets and themes were: (1st place) LaDarrion Winslow, “Zoom 9/11”, (2nd Place) Zachery Gorham, “ICE, Cold War”, (3rd Place) Nathan Roberts, “The Punisher, Weapons of Mass Destruction”, (4th Place) Tierra Stacks, “The Scott Rocket”, and (5th Place) James Earp, “Atlas V.”