Uncle UG says ‘Let’s Stop the Violence’



The 2nd Annual “Let’s Stop the Violence” event was held on the corner of North and Amulet Streets. This year The Voters and Civic League along with the Block Builders partnered with Uncle UG for another successful year. The program opened with a very powerful prayer from Pastor Steve Harris. There were motivational speakers, praise dancers, rappers, solos, informational tables, and free food! Katrina Dumars- Block Builders, Minister Jacoby Bradley, Rev. Conway Jones, Bro T. Eady, and Travis Paige and others gave profound testimonies regarding their journey from the street to God. Two young inspirational rappers, Lulu and DD and Kendie Robinson, performed.

A memorial acknowledgment for those persons who have passed as a result of gun violence was included in the program. The Hawg Riders made a special guest appearance and have offered their help in the community.