Infrastructure Update- City gives progress report on projects

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City Utility Director Charles Brossette spoke about completed and ongoing projects in the City to improve its overall infrastructure.

Main water intake structure at Sibley Lake: Completed

The installation of a new intake structure on Sibley Lake, on a City operating level, means cleaner water is being taken from a prescribed depth in the lake that the City didn’t have before. Workers cut a huge section of concrete from around the intake structure to install a steel door. Cranks were also installed to control the doors. This gives the City the ability to close off the intake structure and clean it yearly.

Buoys were placed around the intake structure and the dams on that end of Sibley Lake to protect the equipment from damage. Boaters are asked to avoid the area that’s marked with buoys.


Chaplin Lake Dredging: Completed

The majority of Chaplin Lake, located on the NSU campus, was dredged down to six feet. There’s no longer an unsightly sludge lurking just beneath the water on the north end. With a properly working clarification system in place, the sludge shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

IntelliRupter Installation: Ongoing

The installation of IntelliRupters at ConAgra and Alliance allows power to these industries to be restored almost in the blink of an eye. If something were to interrupt the main feed coming from the bypass substation tot these facilities, the IntelliRupter automatically tests the line and transfers the feed to the Sibley Lake substation to restore power faster. Where the City response time may take 30 minutes in some cases, the IntelliRupter can restore power in 10 seconds.

The City plans to continue installing these systems on critical and major feed lines around town.


Ring Bus System: About 50% complete

Work is ongoing with the Hwy. 1 South and Bypass expansion project to create a ring bus system for the City’s power supply. This project will increase the reliability of the City’s electrical system, decrease the number of outages and improve power restoration time by creating a ring bus system.

The ring around the City should be completed around August or September of this year. The parts come from Pineville and City workers are assembling everything at the substations.


Master Lift Station: About 30% complete

The new Master Lift Station off of Hwy. 1 South (behind Lott Oil) will double the City’s sewer capacity. The old station will be evacuated and sanitized until plans are made on what to do with the building.

The average daily flow is 2.5 million gallons per day of treated sewer. On a peak day it jumps to 6 million gallons. With the new station it will increase the capacity to 6 million gallons for an average daily flow.

The new station has an air processing center to control odor, so residents in the area will be pleased when the regular odor emanating from the plant gets eliminated.

Overall, it will be a more stable treatment process. The new location will help keep the station out of the public eye, and nose.

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  1. So glad to read about these basic infrastructure improvements.

    Are there any plans from the Parish Government to address the unhealthy, smelly issue of open cesspools in the parish, especially those located in and near subdivisions??

    • Cesspools? What are they? Are they sewer runoff or something? And where are they? Can you give a specific location of one of these cesspools?

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