Dr. Tommy Hailey speaks to Rotary Club

Tommy haley Rotary Club2018.jpg

Northwestern State University (NSU) Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Cultural Resource Center at NSU Dr. Tommy Hailey was the speaker at the Natchitoches Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, May 29. His program was titled, Lucy Fortner’s “Southern Boy in Northern Blue.” It centered on family folklore versus historical reality. He noted that throughout history people have used verbal information versus checking actual historical records. He also said that historical records can be misleading, and in some cases inaccurate. His story was about John Elisha Fortner who was a Louisiana boy who joined and fought for the Union Army. He noted that many Louisiana boys joined and fought for the Union Army.

Dr. Hailey entertained the club with an original song he wrote and sang relating to this story (Photos by Dr. Ron McBride).