Voters’ Offices across state update voter information

Voter Info Update


Annually, Louisiana Registrar of Voters’ Offices update voter information through the United States Postal Service’s National Change of Address (NCOA) System. Address changes for voters in each parish are updated per address information provided by the Postal Service and Address Confirmation Cards are forwarded to the voters to confirm the updated information.

If an Address Confirmation Card (ACC) is returned as undeliverable, the voter will be put in an inactive status, their record will be noted and they will be required to make an address correction the next time they vote. Any voter who remains in an inactive status for two federal elections will be canceled by the Secretary of State’s Office.

If an ACC is returned showing a different address than the one provided by the Postal Service, the voter’s record will be updated to reflect the address provided, and a new voter’s card will be mailed to the voter.

If the ACC is returned showing that the voter has moved to another parish, the ACC will be sent to the new parish electronically for them to register the voter in their parish thereby canceling their registration in Natchitoches Parish.

If the ACC indicates a residence outside the State of Louisiana, the voter’s registration will be canceled in Natchtioches Parish as a voluntary cancellation.

Through the annual canvass many voter records are updated.

The following record updates are being processed during the 2018 canvass in Natchitoches Parish:


NCOA Address Exception – 122
NCOA Address Exception Changed to a PO Box – 79
NCOA Correction – Address Auto Updated – 483
NCOA Correction – Out of Parish 365
NCOA Not Verified – 276
NCOA Verified – ROV to Evaluate – 38
NCOA Verified – With Change 29