Public invited to attend free ‘Stop the Bleed’ course tonight

StopTheBleed (2).jpeg
The Louisiana Association of National Registered EMTs invites the general public to their free course, “Stop the Bleed.” The course is designed to inform the public on how to stop hemorrhaging in the case of possible cuts, bullet wounds and so forth.

The course will be held Thursday, June 7 from 6:30-8:30 pm on the first floor of the Chateau St. Denis Hotel. It will be taught by Jay Caskey.

Terry Blanchard, who spearheaded the event, stressed the importance of the public attending the event and gaining the information.

“Most of these large bleeds you will die from in the first few minutes, but if you learn to control that your survival rate is very good,” Blanchard said.

The course will offer hands on practice on top of the lecture material.