EMT Conference holds Active Shooter training

By Samantha Maiette


To further educate EMTs and police officers, the Louisiana Association of National Registered EMTs (LANREMT) Board hosted a conference titled, “The Presents of EMS Education in the City of Lights” in Natchitoches June 8-9. Those who attended the event learned skills ranging from how to respond to an active shooter, hazard disaster response and many other areas as well.

The conference and the two pre-conference lectures helped EMTs and police officers work together in cases of disasters.

“The number one cause of death is hemorrhaging, so if the medics are not behind the officers to help stop the bleeding the majority of people will probably die,” said Terry Blanchard, LANREMT president.

There was something for everyone: dispatchers, first responders, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, emergency preparedness coordinators, nurses, physicians, rescue personnel and CEOs. Speakers representing industry, government policy makers, as well as academic scholars and researchers presented and discussed the future of Louisiana’s EMS System.