City Council discusses changes to garbage/recycling services, increasing efforts to keep Natchitoches clean



Most of Monday night’s City Council meeting, June 11, was housekeeping items as the City enters its new fiscal year. However, Mayor Lee Posey did bring up a few issues before the meeting officially started.

The City’s 5-year contract with Waste Connections for recycling and garbage pickup in the City limits is up on Dec. 31. If everything were to stay the way it is, rates would have to be increased.

“That’s how big the difference is,” said Posey, referring to the difference between what they’re paying now and the figures they’re receiving during contract negotiations. They can’t reveal any figures during these negotiations, but Posey said if the City retains recycling, it’s going to be very expensive.

The City is looking at doing away with recycling and/or back door garbage pick up services. Currently they’re looking over four different options on the bid package. A public hearing will be held before one of the July Council meetings (date TBA) and the Council will vote on the matter at its first meeting in August.

Moving on to another garbage issue, Posey said he’s frustrated with the trashiness of Natchitoches and that the City and residents can do better. The issue includes litter, abandoned cars and vacant lots becoming overgrown. Posey suggested the Council look at the current fines they have set in place and consider increasing them to be more aggressive about keeping Natchitoches clean.

Littering is becoming a problem in Natchitoches, and Council members discussed the number of food containers that people throw out of vehicles. The fine for a first time offense is $300 and it increases to $500 for a third offense.

Currently the City uses a contract service to mow neutral areas, but according to City ordinances, these areas are the property owners’ responsibility. There’s abandoned cars left up on blocks in peoples’ yards and if there’s not an inspection sticker the City can tag them for removal. There are vacant lots around town that aren’t being kept up and it brings the whole neighborhood down.

“We’re a tourist attraction,” said Posey. “We can’t have people trashing up this town.”

In other business, Council member Don Mims presented a proclamation to Staff Sergeant Morgan Fuller declaring June 14, 2018 as US Army Day in commemoration of the Army’s 243rd birthday in Natchitoches.

Other agenda items included:


Change Zoning Classification of Property at 1746 Texas Street from R-1 Residential to B-1 Commercial to Operate the Milestone Consulting Services Office


Enter into a Lease of the Hayfield Under Fence at the Natchitoches Waste Water Treatment Plant at End of Laird Fletcher Road for Hay Operations with Glenn Byles
Approve a Conveyance of a 2.09 Acre Tract of Land in Section 74, Township 9 North, Range 7 West, to TSTR Enterprises LLC for $62,700


Fix Time, Day, Date and Place of City Council Meetings for the Next 12 Months.
Establish Meeting Times and Places of: Natchitoches Planning Commission, Historic District Commission, Airport Advisory Commission, and Waterworks District No.1.
Appoint Charles Whitehead III, Rev. Bobby Claiborne, Michael D. Lewis, Rickey McCalister, Jamie Flanagan, Issac Lewis, Jacob Cooper, and Ron Brown to the City Planning Commission
Appoint Jared Dunahoe, Dr. Virginia Crossno, Sharon Gahagan, Sr. Steve Horton, Melissa Robinson, and Marion Salter to the Natchitoches Historic District Commission
Appoint Stacy McQueary as Clerk of the Council
Appoint Ronald E. Corkern Jr. as the City Attorney and Daniel T. Murchison Jr., Cloyd Benjamin Jr., Steven D. Crews, J. Chris Guillet, and Lisa V. Johnson as Assistant City Attorneys
Appoint the firm of Johnson, Thomas and Cunningham as the City’s Auditor
Appoint MidSouth Bank as the City’s Fiscal Agent
Designate the Natchitoches Times as the Official Legal Journal for the City
Execute an Extension Agreement to a Claims Administration Service Contract Entered into Between Hammerman & Gainer, Inc. and the City to Extend the Term for a Period of 2-years Beginning on July 1, 2018 and Ending on June 30, 2020.
Enter into a Contract with Hub International Gulf South for the One Beacon Insurance Group Casualty Package Insurance Renewal Effective June 30, 2018 Through June 30, 2019.
Enter into a Maintenance Agreement, Including Mowing and Litter Pickup, with the State of Louisiana, Department of Transportation and Development, Office of Engineering Beginning July 1, 2018 Through June 30, 2019.
Appoint Michael Moulton, Don Mims, Lynn Stevens, Tom Matuschka, Michael Bridges, Lisa Wiggins, Josh Axsom, Monica Llorence, Brian Hicks, Johnny Barnes, Feamula Bradley, Carl Walters III, and Linda Queen to the Mayor’s Health And Fitness Council
Advertise for Bids for the 2017-2018 Street Rehabilitation Program, Phase 2 (Bid No. 0610)
Execute Change Order No. 5 to the Contract Between the City and Regional Construction, LLC For The 2017 Street Rehabilitation Program (Bid No. 0603)
Appoint Cloyd Benjamin Jr. to Fill the Unexpired Term of Andrew Vallien as a Member Of The Board Of Directors of The Industrial Development Board of the City


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be June 25, 2018.


13 thoughts on “City Council discusses changes to garbage/recycling services, increasing efforts to keep Natchitoches clean

  1. What good does it do when you see all of the containers being dumped into the same truck? This has been happening since the beginning. Also is the city going to clean up the properties that it owns? Every summer I go through hell trying to get them to clean a property that is directly behind my house.

  2. Need to look into the possibility of starting a program where an outside vendor picks up the recycled material from a centralized location and pays the City for the material. That would assist in the cost of the program or possibly pay for it. Have a central location where people can bring in their recycling on designated days (including Saturday) and have a couple of existing City employees there to organize and watch the drop-offs to make sure the area it doesn’t become a dump. I have seen this work in other cities….why not Natchitoches?

  3. The citizens of the city of Natchitoches are to blame for recycling not working by refusing to sort their garbage. Not sure the cost benefit ever made sense to begin with the labor, trucks, fuel for picking up and hauling to the recycle center alone made this program a loss leader and probably a negative environmental impact to boot.

  4. I believe we need to recycle for the health of our planet but the employees put both blue and black bins in the same truck. I have seen them pick up a blue bin and dump it into the black bin. If the company and employees are not going to keep the recycle items separate, why should we pay extra.

  5. They didn’t recycle anyways… I have seen them pick up the trash can AND the recycle can and dump into the same truck. I agree the trash needs to be picked up by everyone.

  6. Agree. Very disappointing to read Natchitoches is considering ending recycling. Surely this can be resolved. Recycling is the right thing to do and needed in Louisiana

  7. How disappointing that the City would consider ending recycling. There must be some way to lower costs without eliminating this service. It would be a shame for recyclable items to end up in the landfill.

  8. Awesome! Love hearing that the City is aware of the trash issue and is starting the ball rolling on cleaning up the city!

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