CASA raises funds to help child recover after tragic accident

Love Fund.png
CASA of Central Louisiana operates off a grant through the Louisiana Supreme Court. However, what most people may not know is that they’re limited on what they can do with that money. It’s more for day to day office operations, not for the needs of the kids.

But CASA’s mission is to do what’s in the best interest of the children it serves. So when a special case was brought to their attention, CASA jumped in to help.

A 3-year-old lost an eye and suffered severe skull damage after a gun accident earlier this year. An ophthalmologist said a prosthetic eye would be necessary to keep parts of the skull in place because of the severity of the damage.

The problem arose when the child’s insurance company refused to pay for it. With the help of BOM, a love fund was established June 8 to raise the funds needed to purchase a prosthetic eye. Several more prosthetics will be needed as swelling goes down and everything repairs itself in the skull.

“If it wasn’t for one of our CASA advocates, who documented this issue in their report, we’d never have known about the problem,” said CASA Executive Director Jack Duty.

Donations can be made to the “CASA Love Fund” at any BOM location, or directly to CASA.

CASA is currently in need of volunteers who are interested in becoming advocates for children in need. Text “2HELP” to #21000 to find out how you can make a difference.

It takes grant money, volunteers, fundraisers, and donations for CASA to function. “Sometimes what’s best for the child isn’t eligible for use of our grant money,” said Duty. “This is one reason why we started our Pillars of CASA Program.”

Pillars of CASA is a way for community members to provide CASA with a base of support through monetary donations. This is an opportunity for people to become involved if they’re unable to become an advocate, due to time constraints or other issues.

For more information call (318) 238-2446.