Keep your family safe with whole house water system from AxsomAir (even E. Coli)

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Whether you live in the Parish or the City we all know water quality can change quickly and you don’t want to drink Natchitoches water from the tap.

“The most recent boil advisory even scared me,” said Josh Axsom, project manager with AxsomAir. “I have a 4-day-old baby and the idea of bathing him in water tainted by E. Coli was not acceptable. I was glad the City of Natchitoches worked quickly to remedy the problem, but I was even happier that I didn’t have to worry since I have a whole house water treatment system.”

Every homeowner should consider a Krystal Klear whole house water system from AxsomAir! Axsom explained that the system includes a large coconut shell carbon and KDF-55 filtration and treatment center which cleans and softens the water from chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and poisons that may be hiding in your water. This is a “green” filtration system as is automatically back washes itself once a week so you don’t have to change the filters for 5 years!

In addition, the Master Plumbers at AxsomAir will install a UV Disinfection System which is equipped to inactivate chlorine resistant parasites such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and harmful bacteria like E. Coli and other viruses not visible to the naked eye.

A complete whole house Krystal Klear system from your friends at AxsomAir will give you great peace of mind as you will have safe clean water throughout your home for years to come! AxsomAir also offers payment plans to make purchasing your new Krystal Klear simple.

Give us a call today at 352-7777 to schedule your free estimate!

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15 thoughts on “Keep your family safe with whole house water system from AxsomAir (even E. Coli)

  1. Cut to the chase: fhe solution to water quality in Natchitoches is not adding more chemicals to contaminated water. What are our priorities—healthy residents or dollar bills? Maybe the city can use some of our contaminated water to rinse off Beau Port? Let’s also be sure as we’re promoting Natchitoches tourism to exercise due diligence and remind visitors not to drink the water!

  2. Based on some of the comments here, I’m glad I didn’t post about our water treatment system we manufacture. I’m not sure what a business is to do, though. Reading Jason’s comment, I don’t have to post anything. It sounds like ours.

    If something is NOT a problem, is that when a business should let the public know about products/services they have? Is that acceptable? If Natchitoches had a good water treatment system, I mean a truly good one, there would be no need for other devices/methods. But the truth is, like thousands of other systems, Natchitoches has water treatment/delivery issues. Not as bad as some others, like Flint, Michigan, but not exactly good either.

    So, a local business, in this case, Axsom, advertises it has a product that could help you provide better water for your family. You have a choice in this case. You can contact them and possibly buy it, or you can ignore it and move on. Question: what choice do you have as a taxpaying resident of Natchitoches? The city spends $millions on an antiquated system that uses chemicals….expensive chemicals…and what do we get for it? Great water??? That’s debatable.

    Information, people.

  3. It seems that now, you can’t say anything without offending someone. So they advertised a home filtration system, so what. In the long run, does it matter. Personally, I’m glad to hear of this system as we seem to have issues with the water every time we turn around. A few months ago, our water was brown and smelled like bleach and that is not acceptable. Now this e-coli. No, I don’t want to even bathe in that water. So….thank you Axom, for giving us an way to avoid the harmful organisms that are in our water system. By the way, I quit drinking or cooking with Natchitoches water years ago. I have felt for a long time that water quality is an issue has never been moved to a front burner, much like fifrastructurre But let’s be sure to get that sports complex built.

    An afterthought: why are people so upset with an ad rather than a water system with a deadly organism in it. I am upset with people charged with making sure that the water we drink is of the best quality. Sadly, the water is rarely cocsistently a good quality.

  4. 3 of these systems can be seen at work at Uncle Bills Grill. Our aim is to provide safe products that use municipal water. MR. Bill

  5. So tired of people being WHINER’s, People we have freedom of speech! This is NOT OFFENSIVE. THIS IS GOOD BUSINESS, He has a family to feed More power too him! And NO I do not know this guy never used his business…. I am just tired of people whining! If you can’t afford it then don’t buy it! MOVE ON!!!!

    • Are you saying that freedom of speach applies only to those who agree with your point of view? You have mistaken outrage with whining. Yes, it’s a business. Yes, they have a family to feed. Yes, I have done business with this company and love their work and will use them again. Their ad is poorly timed.

      • Their timing was PERFECT! Great strategy! Sorry to STRONGLY disagree with your opinion!

  6. This ad is extremely offensive. Most people in Natchitoches can not afford this system. As tax paying citizens of one of the most developed countries in the world, we pay for and expect safe, drinkable tap water. This deplorable situation is a financial boon for companies selling bottled water and water filtration systems. Is this an example of “trickle-down economy” at work?

    • There are low cost water treatment systems out there that a municipality, a community, can purchase that eliminate not only organic threats, like bacteria and brain-eating amoebas, but also eliminate heavy metals and other such harmful substances. For a city like Natchitoches, for instance, such systems can be bought at a cost of about $15/month per household for about a year. Then that cost will go away. And actually, if the city would convert to such a system in totality, the cost savings on not having to buy chemicals would more than pay for it all.

    • You should head up to NSU and enroll in some classes for 2 reasons. 1) You could learn about good business decisions. 2) They have a safe space for anyone who is offended by everything. Win, win!

    • You can live without an air conditioner, people did for centuries. Human beings need safe, drinkable water to exist. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    • I wouldn’t call this ad offensive. I do, however, call it crass, ill-timed, opportunistic and bordering on unethical. If other Natchitoches and nearby businesses think this sort of thing constitutes good business practice, please feel free to identify yourselves so that I can add to my ‘Don’t Associate With’ list. Thank you.

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