NSU registrar announces retirement

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Northwestern State University Registrar Lillie Frazier Bell will retire on June 30 after many years of service to Northwestern State. She has been in the Office of the Registrar for 31 years, 22 years as registrar and nine as assistant registrar.

Bell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Northwestern State. She continued her education and earned a Master of Arts degree in Student Personnel Services while working in the Registrar’s Office.

As university registrar, she was responsible for the supervision and management of the Office of the Registrar including functions for student and faculty academic services, registration and graduation, records, Veterans Affairs, NCAA certification and the office budget. She oversaw the solving of any problems relating to student records and transcripts. Bell collaborated with the administration, deans, faculty, staff, advisors and Information Technology Services to facilitate and improve services to students. She is responsible for the Registrar’s Office Web page and the processes for the University catalog and the schedule of classes.

Bell oversaw the articulation of transfer credits; supervises the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation applications and oversees the complete graduation process to include all elements of the commencement ceremonies. She was responsible for collecting, recording, maintaining and reporting of student records within the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines. This includes all registration data, transcripts, five-week grades, mid-term, final grades, enrollment and degree verification, athletic eligibility and degree audits.

As registrar, she provided leadership for the implementation of related technology applications in support of enhanced services offered through Internet Native Banner Records (INB), Self-Service Banner (SSB) NSUConnect and Degree Works degree audit systems. She was responsible for keeping up-to-date with any computer software programs and train the faculty and staff to use these programs. Bell was also responsible for making sure that all faculty and staff have accessibility to the Banner INB Records, Self-Service (SSB) NSUConnect, and Degree Works degree audit systems. She ensured that security measures are applied always on students’ records and transcripts.

Bell served as the chair for the Curriculum Review Council; Registration, Credits, and Graduation Council; Data Entry Standard Council; Grade Appeal Committee; Registration Committee; Commencement Committee; Residence Rule Committee and the Academic Calendar Committee. She participated in professional development activities and served on other University committees that support the mission, goals and objectives of the University.

3 thoughts on “NSU registrar announces retirement

  1. Congratulations Mrs.Lillie Bell !!!❤
    It was a pleasure calling to my Alma Mater and hearing your voice to assist anytime my transcript was required…you always made it a smooth request, with a warm smile over the phone. You always made others feel important, as if you were waiting on our call!!! We know you had other responsibilities !
    God bless your continuation to the next assignment in this journey called LIFE!

  2. Congratulations, may God bless you! You’ve added to the lives of many students and their families and we thank you.

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