SAHS re-enacts historical event at pageant

Ethel Marie Goudeau Guidry (1)

8 year old, Ethel Marie Goudeau Guidry

The St. Augustine Historical Society (SAHS) presented a captivating historical re-enactment called “Cane River Creoles: A Legacy Of Faith” at the Cane River Creole Heritage Pageant, June 23.

Narrated by 8-year-old Ethel Marie Guidry, the re-enactment tells the story of the faith-based Creole community on Isle Brevelle founded by “Grandpere” Augustin Metoyer. Grandpere had a plantation chapel of 1803 which would eventually, by donation, become the Catholic Church that still exists today. Grandpere is the son a Frenchman and a formerly enslaved person, Marie Thereze Coincoin.

SAHS President Dr. Mark Guidry said, “We were thrilled to educate the public, especially young girls at the pageant, and even more delighted to have a young person tell the story. The legacy lives on!” SAHS is a non-profit, tax-exemp organization that preserves the history and heritage of the St. Augustine parish community on Isle Brevelle.

From left are, Minnie Metoyer (Tante Perine”); Bessie LaCour (“Meme Agnes,” wife of Augustin); Thomas Roque Sr. (“Grandpere Thomas,” the Frenchman); Ethel Marie Guidry (Narrator); Dr. Mark Guidry (Bishop); Betty Metoyer Roque (Marie Thereze Coincoin); and Dorretta O’Brien (Mademoiselle Metoyer).

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