Lions Club holds Awards Banquet, new officers installed

Lions Banquet 2018 (4)


Natchitoches Lions Club members gathered June 25 for the annual awards banquet and new officer installation service. Past President Dr. Cheryl Stoker passed the gavel over to new President Laura Rogers.

8-L District Governor installed the following 2018-2019 Officers:

Laura Rogers – President
Michele Waskom- First Vice President
Dr. Cheryl Stoker- Past President
Corey Poole- Secretary
Josh Pierson- Treasurer

Heather Fredieu- 1 Year Board Member
Brenda Stamey- 1 Year Board Member
Brandon McKee- 1 Year Board Member
Vallery Washington- 2 Year Board Member
Susan Hilton- 2 Year Board Member
Kelli Sampson- 2 Year Board Member
Sarah Giannone- Lion Tamer
Eric Gilmore- Tail Twister
TIna Ragan- Membership Chair


New Lion of the Year: Corey Poole
Lion of the Year: Josh Pierson
Melvin Jones: Tina Ragan

Special President’s Recognition:

Brandon McKee
Josh Pierson
Laura Rogers
Michele Waskom

Board members with top service hours and fundraising:

John McTyre
Mildred McTyre
Peggy Gilbert
Brenda Stamey
Chad Hancock

Lions that serve “behind the scenes”:

Leta Spillman
San Brown
Carol Green

Service Pins:

Sonny Arseneaux, Sonny Evans, June Durr, Brad Ferguson, Eric Gilmore, Sarah Gionnone, Pam and Mike Glass, Bernie Harris, Susan Hilton, Mary Hooper, Sophie and Hyland Packard, Wayne Ragan, Lisso Simmons, Vallery Washington, Gene Spillman and Corey Poole

Leo Advisors:

Crystal Stewart and Eric Gilmore- St. Mary’s LEO Club
Michele Waskom- NCHS LEO Club