Demons add long-range scorer in Canadian Alex Comanita

Alex Comanita graphic


Canadian prep standout Alex Comanita, who hit 51 percent of his 3-point shots while scoring 20 points per game as a senior, is joining the Northwestern State basketball program, which lacked perimeter scoring last season.

The 6-5 wing player averaged 20.2 points, 4.2 assists, 9.3 rebounds and made 50.5 percent of his 3-pointers (136 total in 45 games) at Crestwood Prep College in North York, Ontario, Canada.

Previously, he helped Oakwood Collegiate Institute in Toronto go 32-4 in 2015-16, and was part of a Toronto city championship squad. Crestwood Prep captured the title in his senior year there.

He was twice chosen to play for Team Ontario, the provincial team that is tantamount to an all-state team. Team Ontario won a national championship with Comanita on the squad. His Oakwood Collegiate squad was the Class 4A runner-up in the big school classification in his junior year.

Comanita, who spent last season in Charlotte, N.C., at Combine Academy Prep, will be a freshman entering NSU next month.

“We have addressed a need by adding Alex to the Demon basketball family. Alex has proven to be a shooter at every step in his career and we expect that to continue at NSU,” said veteran coach Mike McConathy. “He has helped each of his teams reach great success, winning city championships and national titles along the way.

“Alex comes highly recommended to us by his AAU coach (Ro Russell) who has helped so many Toronto players move onto the college and even professional levels. His prep school coach (Matt Jones) also spoke very highly of him both on and off the court. Alex has many more components to his game than just being a shooter – he is a very skilled passer and has the ability to get to the rim when over-guarded.

“Alex will aid us in stretching the defense with his sharp-shooting prowess. His size allows him to get his shot off quick and from deep range with efficiency,” said McConathy.

Crestwood Prep went 30-15 in 2016-17 while winning the Toroto city championship.

“With Alex’s prior success on every team, he understands the sacrifice and daily effort necessary to make it happen,” said McConathy. “We look forward to him having a huge impact in our program for the next four years.”

Comanita is the fourth newcomer on the 2018-19 Demon roster. Natchitoches Central guard Brian White and Stinnett, Texas-West Texas High forward Dalin Williams signed with NSU last November. LaTerrance Reed, a guard from Niagara Community College and a Buffalo, N.Y. prep star at Canisius High, joined the program in mid-May.