NPSB Agenda Meeting – July 10, 2018

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John Winston on the behalf of his son and others made a presentation to the School Board Tuesday night.  Winston explained how he and others want to take the old Magnet School located on Northwestern’s campus and turn it into an after-school supplemental art and learning center.

Winston’s group is asking for 18 months to grow their investments and sort out any logistics. The board decided to push back the vote on whether or not to begin the process of signing over the building to Winston until he speaks to Dr. Maggio about his plans on Wednesday (today) since NSU owns the land.

If Dr. Maggio agrees to the idea, the board will hold off on demolishing the building.

Ralph Wilson described this idea as a “win-win opportunity” and that it would be “good [for] the community.”

Winston agreed to return to the Thursday night School Board meeting to report on his conversation with Dr. Maggio.



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  1. I thought the building was unsafe for a school, that’s why they closed it. So why put kids back in it

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