Cane River Brewery Company


A new attraction is coming to Natchitoches in the form of Cane River Brewery Company. Developed by two friends who spent their college days in Natchitoches said they “saw a need for craft beer.”

Justin Krouse and Cade Gentry originally wanted to open a restaurant in Natchitoches, but decided against the idea because there was “already a lot of good restaurants” and “didn’t want to make the market smaller.”

Gentry and Krouse described how their progress took “a while” but that they’re “glad” they waited. They first took a trip to Chicago to learn the brewing process. However, in the end they decided to hire a master brewer who has the experience needed to help the company grow.

At this point in time, flavors for the beer is not being released to the public. Although, Cane River is expected to have roughly 10 flavors on draft and one or two which will be distributed in the local area.

The brewery will be located in the old 1920s mill located on Mills St. This location is the original located Gentry and Krouse wanted when they were looking at locations in Natchitoches.

One of the benefits Gentry and Krouse see about their brewery opening is that it will be “another destination for everyone in Natchitoches.” They also mentioned how it will bring people who have not visited Natchitoches in the past to the town.

Cane River Brewery Company is expecting to open late this fall.



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  1. Congrats Justin and Cade. This has been a long time coming. Best of luck with your endeavor.

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