Natchitoches’ Main Street receives recognition from travel resource

Natchitoches 500


Natchitoches is first on the list of America’s 25 Cutest Main Streets in Small(er) Towns. The list was published July 3 by Fodor’s Travel, a trusted resource for over 80 years.

Fodor’s Travel offers expert travel advice for every stage of a traveler’s trip, hiring local writers who know their destinations better than anyone else.

Fodor’s Travel says that America’s main streets are staging comeback and Natchitoches’ Front Street “exudes southern charm with all the antebellum trimmings.”

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One thought on “Natchitoches’ Main Street receives recognition from travel resource

  1. Again, Natchitoches caters to tourists.
    Having lived in Natchitoches for 20 yrs and still owning a home there, I’m still amazed at local government. Even when I lived there and owned a business, I said Natchitoches needs to give more time and energy into residents. Still there isn’t much in the way of local cuisine. The gitchy little expensive antique shops are cute but… Travel farther south and you can get real, authentic local foods at a reasonable price. Shop daily for local produce, reasonably priced. You can shop at local antique shops that are very reasonable. I’m still rather amazed at what tourists find to buy. Natchitoches is an historic, beautiful town. Why not offer more to local, year round residents? How about jobs? I know there are paper mills, the port, banks (good grief, enough with the banks), but how about trying to attract businesses? I see a brewery coming in. Great, but how many people will be employed? Why not attract Lowe’s or Petco? What about Academy? Just suggestions. On one hand I love the idea of quiet, small town life without all the hustle bustle. I survived Houston and Lafayette decades ago. No thanks. I do love Natchitoches. My grandparents had lived, worked, raised their family there since the 1930s. My patents retired there in 1979, are buried there. I just hope that the local government will spend more time making improvements for the residents and not as much time improving the lives of tourists.

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