NPD officer rescues dog and owner while on vacation

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Trent Perritt was on a family vacation in Colorado recently when he took action to save a stranger and her dog. Trent is a corporal with the Natchitoches Police Department and a member of the joint SWAT Team with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

While hiking the trail up to the waterfall at Helen Hunt Falls, Trent and his family spotted a dog that slipped away from its owner and slid down the edge of the falls. The banks of the river were made of slippery cascading rocks.

As Trent watched on, the dog’s owner attempted to rescue it and slipped down the bank as well. Trent and his brother-in-law Dale Carr ran to save the duo, which was stuck on the slippery rocks below the trail. Dale chopped down a small tree to use as an extension and Trent performed a controlled slide down to the woman and her pet. Together, the men got them back on the trail.

“I couldn’t just let her slide down,” said Trent. While Trent said he hasn’t completed training for this type of rescue, a law enforcement officer is always ready to help, even if they’re on vacation.

9 thoughts on “NPD officer rescues dog and owner while on vacation

  1. Or in his case before he became a cop, my husband got hit by 7030 volts of electricity and Trent saved his life as well. Thank you Trent for being yet another vessel for the Holy One.

  2. It didn’t surprise me at all that Trent Perrier would go to the aid of someone in trouble. He’s an awesome person and has always been this way since he was a young boy. Lots of character and caring!

  3. Bravo !!!! Good samaritans in action on and off the job. It’s what we are all called to do. Great show of care you two !

  4. Well done! We hope anyone would try to help someone in distress. That any of us would attempt to rescue a person, and their dog, in trouble. But…we kind of expect police officers to. It’s like, of course he jumped in. He’s a police officer, it’s what they do! (and firemen too, of course).

    Still…great job!

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