A meeting to discuss the possibility of planning and building an indoor swimming pool for Natchitoches will be held on Monday, July 30th at 5:30 p.m. at the old Chamber of Commerce office, 560 Second Street, next door to the Central Fire Station.

The public is invited; seating is limited.Contact Don Barker at 318-357-1590 for more information.


  1. I am all in favor of an indoor pool. My son swam at the Nanatorium on the college campus when he was in NSU E-Lab. He was part of a swim team that competed at swim meets around the state. He was really good at it and showed great potential. Unfortunately the pool was closed on the college campus because it was to costly to update and bring up to compliance with OSHA requirements. When he got to Central High I tried to get him to try out for the team and he said no because he hated swimming in a cold pool. It breaks my heart because he really does still have great potential and loves to swim but unfortunately if this does come about it would be to late for him.

  2. Why not buy the old Rite-Aid building and put the swimming pool there ! It has bathrooms water and parking !!! Problem Solved !

  3. They say seating is limited and they need to hold it somewhere where everyone that is interested can go and have their say. As one of the seniors that takes advantage of the Water Aerobics offered by NSU in the Summer, it is one way for me to get the exercise that I need because of various health issues that does not cause more damage to me. I think if it is set up right it will be able to help pay for itself . It would be a great way for Natchitoches to hold some college and high school swim meets. There is always things being done for the youth of this town, and I am not against that, but you need to also have something that the senior citizens and retirees can do, after all Natchitoches has been listed as an ideal place for people to retire. It would be great for the rehabilitation for those injured in various ways also.

  4. It would be a joy to see Nesom Natatorium renovated and be available for NSU and the City (formerly done for many years). This would be an asset to both the University and the City, and perhaps save money too. Memberships for non-students could certainly provide water aerobics which is needed.

  5. Go ahead, swim in the pool – the water will be chlorinated. But be sure to let all swim teams know to bring their own water to drink. That should keep visitors coming to Natchitoches and increase our tax revenues.

  6. there already is a big swimming pool in town,its Sibley Lake.It is man made
    great outdoors.I myself as a tax payer don’t want a pool.

    • No! they’ll just divert money away from somewhere else, something important and then when that “something important” runs out of money THEN! they’ll call for a special tax for it. After all, they know it’s easier to get people to vote for a tax on “something important” than it would be to fund a luxury item like a pool.

      That’s what they did with that baseball park. Took $millions away from the water & sewage fund and then Oh oh! need to raise your taxes because we have water & sewage issues!

      • An indoor swimming pool would NOT be a luxury. It would benefit the recovery of people with sports injuries, slip and fall injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, automobile injuries, knee replacement, baseball injuries, hip replacement, and the list goes on and on.
        If you’ve never had painful joints you wouldn’t know how being in the water helps so very much. This indoor pool would benefit people of all ages. I, as a member of water aerobics know what an hour doing moderate exercise in water can do for stiff aching joints. Besides lising a few pounds. So let me stress again, NOT a luxury, a NECESSITY.
        Thanks for listening.

      • Then YOU pay for it Linda Fatheree! Yes, you, and anyone else who wants it. Raise private money, buy the land, build it and you all pay to maintain it too. But, nah…you’re only interested in this non-luxury item if someone else pays for it. Typical.

      • Yeah so we pay for the land to build it (which we all know won’t be cheap) unless the city already owns the land, then we construct it along with the parking areas for it. Anyone have a guess at what an indoor Olympic size pool will cost? Assuming we have the land we are probably looking at $1 million with the parking area per the research I did. Then factor in a staff of people to run it, salary, benefits, etc. Then chemicals and maintenance. LSU pays about 125 k per year just in maintenance of their new olympic pool. The city doesn’t have the money for it, we are taxed too much. It can’t possibly produce and ROI. Besides, we have summer 8 months out of the year, we have a public outdoor pool, that is empty half of the time.

  7. Natchitoches needs this ….it would be great for family fun during the winter,, and also year around.

  8. I hope they do build one! I could swim year round! I love swimming! Maybe they could have water Zumba!

  9. An indoor swimming pool would be such a remarkable improvement to our community. There are many disabled people whom would benefit from having someplace out of the heat and sun to go and enjoy some relaxation and excericise . Even in the winter months it would bring a continued enjoyment too many .

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