School Board: Special Called Meeting July 17, 2018

The Natchitoches Parish School Board will hold a Special Called Meeting on Tuesday, July 17 at 5 pm at the NPSB Office on Royal Street.

To determine the bus routes for children who previously attended school in Cloutierville.

4 thoughts on “School Board: Special Called Meeting July 17, 2018

  1. plus it takes jobs away from local people who live in Natchitoches.
    Just goes to show once again Skinner is an idiot,there was no reason at
    all to close Cloutierville and now the children and parents,teachers will bare
    the load.
    Teachers in Provencal deserve a raise .

  2. Will the residents who are now required to send their kids to Provencal school also be required to pay the same property tax rate as those paying for the school buildings in Provencal?

  3. I have always asked why isn’t the Superintendent required to live in the Parish. He is Superintendent here and on the School Board in Sabine Parish. If the Board members are required to live in a certain district why isn’t the Superintendent required to live in the Parish. That should be one of the requirements.

  4. I would have thought this process would have been thought through before closing Cloutierville. Typical of the board and the Superintendent. There goes another high performing school. Before this is over there won’t be anything left. The scores are dismal to say the least! what’s the purpose of hiring outside the parish? Skinner, Horn, about 3 principals are from out of the parish. why don’t they just elect board members from out of the parish? Also, who does the background checks on employees?

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