CRW Commission issues Second Statement on “Pump Station”


The Cane River Waterway Commission issued the following statement as a followup to a press release published June 15 in the NPJ.

Since mid-June 2018, testing has continued on the Cane River Waterway Commission’s “Cane River Lake Pumping Station.” The system was last tested on July 2, 2018. Although the system has proved operable during short tests, it has operated below specifications, delivering about one-third the water flow rate required by the specifications. On July 6, 2018, the Commission’s project engineer formally requested that the contractor provide a proposal to bring the project into compliance with the specifications. This proposal should be delivered to the project engineer prior to July 20, 2018. The Commission shall continue to provide more information on the project as that becomes available.

6 thoughts on “CRW Commission issues Second Statement on “Pump Station”

  1. Just another BIG waste of money! When so much more could have been done with the millions blow on a pump that doesn’t work or even needed!

  2. Lawsuit time…Like
    everything else in Louisiana when it comes to government, we get about thirty cents on the dollar of what is promised.

  3. One third?!? Talk about not meeting specifications. Something seriously wrong here. What are the requirements and what are the ratings on the equipment and who specified and/or designed it?

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