Area youth participate in NSU Robotics Camps

Robotics Camp 2018 (4)

The Department of Engineering Technology at NSU completed four summer robotics camps ranging from beginners and intermediate, to advanced levels. Sixty-two children from the area participated in these camps, learning basic electronics and how to assemble and program robots.

All sessions were given safety tips and a tour of the department facilities and labs. Examples from senior design projects related to radio-controlled devices were also demonstrated to participants.
The purpose of these camps is to engage students and attract them to STEM related fields. Robots are a great STEM tool since they combine hardware and software components. The camp tries to enhance teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills of participants. Students were asked to draw their future robot and summarize its tasks. At the end of the camp students did a short presentation regarding what they learned and shared what they would like to do in the future. Each student was presented with certificate of participation. Three students of the ET department who are also members of the IEEE Chapter at NSU helped in leading different camp activities.

The annual robotics camps are sponsored by the ET Department at NSU and Natchitoches Chamber Education Fund. For more information about Engineering Technology and STEM related activities, contact ET Department Head, Dr. Jafar F. Al-Sharab at

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  1. This is a very good idea. Years ago these programs were offered in every school across the state. Since then these programs have been eliminated leaving a huge gap in education. We have taken vocational education out denying a whole generation to life skills. Public education is destroying this country and local public education in particular.

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